Multiskill Model: How to Remain Successful During the Crisis

Cost optimization had always been important, but because of the crisis and the consequent economic problems, every company is looking for new ways to save costs. One of the most effective measures to mitigate the crisis is confident, positive, and uninterrupted communication with your clients. By using UCC’s cost-effective solutions, you can avoid frustrating your customers because they don’t get answers to their questions, they cannot place orders, or give feedback about your services. Instead, UCC can continue to provide customer support and sales solutions on your behalf 24/7 in any language.

The essence of the multiskill model is to handle very low and very high contact volumes effectively. Decreasing demand usually does not allow companies to provide a large, dedicated customer service team only to handle 5-6 calls and a few emails. Shared resources, that is operators handling multiple projects effectively in parallel, can support business hours uninterrupted and maintain a comfortable customer experience, even if the number of contacts does not require one full-time employee (FTE) to wait for calls all day.

UCC has shown its customer service and telesales expertise in over 12 industries in the last 20 years. Whether it is telecommunications, healthcare, or consumer electronics, we always deep-dive in our partners’ services, and our training Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) acquire all the required knowledge. This way, we ensure that we can answer all inquiries perfectly on the behalf of our Partners, with the quality and tone expected from them.

United Call Centers’ new, shared resource-based solution can greatly help developing businesses. Customer support and sales functions are done over the Internet today, without restriction on location. We help with our home-based agents to enable our Partners to focus on their core activities and create more value with their products and services. As a reliable partner, we quickly and effectively deliver Customer Support, e-Commerce, telesales, and related administrative services with a high level of service.

If you want to keep in touch with your customers and win new hearts for your brand despite the crisis, contact our experts today.
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