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Anyone who has customers will sooner or later need quality customer service, and in such cases, outsourcing is a time- and cost-effective solution. This is what United Call Centers helps its clients to achieve. We have over two decades of experience, a highly skilled team, flexible and scalable services, with the most modern and reliable technology backbone for data and information security. This yields to a cutting-edge, high-quality customer experience. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the industries and areas where our work contributes to the success of our clients.


United Call Centers works with major players of the global automotive industry, in rapidly evolving areas such as the growing electric vehicle market. Our related tasks include supporting the day-to-day operations of EV charging stations, evaluating user experiences, measuring customer satisfaction and organising various back-office activities. We work for the traditional areas of the sector as well, helping to register appointments for test drives prior to a vehicle purchase, providing service support, warranty management, assistance tasks with large volumes of incoming calls, or data maintenance. Our flexible, scalable solutions, backed by highly trained professionals with many years of experience, provide a cutting-edge customer experience, even in areas requiring complex, diverse knowledge.

Energy & Utilities

We support many international players in the energy market in a wide range of applications. Contact center services, telesales, claims management, data maintenance, market research, personal customer service are all available in our customer support and telemarketing portfolio. Our aim is to provide our clients with high-quality services to increase their competitiveness, while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, for both seasonal campaigns and strategic partnerships.


We provide omnichannel customer support services to help our partners in the entertainment and events industry. In this area, our staff handles a wide range of tasks such as handling incoming calls and messages, general customer service, communicating event schedules or visitor information - policies, possible health and safety regulations - ticket sales, social media management available in any language required, including for visitors, and participants from abroad or who do not speak the native language of the country.


For companies in the banking and financial services sector, reliability and expertise are keys. Serving international clients, United Call Centers has many years of experience in developing contact center solutions that are PCI DSS compliant and operate with the highest levels of data and information security. ISO 9001:2008 quality management and ISO27001:2013 information security service management and top-quality technology infrastructure guarantee an unparalleled customer experience and security. In addition to customer service, we support our partners' sales activities with a wide range of tools, like telemarketing, lead generation, and receivables management services, even by handling a large volume of outbound calls in a short time.

Food & Beverages

This present day, consumer needs and frequently asked questions are effectively managed in an omnichannel system with contact center solutions, that span all telecom channels. Our partners include some of the world's leading food manufacturers and distributors, who place a high priority on the quality of their telephone and online customer enquiries. Whether it's running a general information line on a product or service, managing a seasonal promotion with a chatbot tailored to the company or brand image, or taking orders over the phone, online, or through a dedicated application in the catering sector, United Call Centers offers a diverse and innovative solution to ensure a cutting-edge customer experience.


In the healthcare sector, it is highly important to manage services in a predictable and transparent way and to be precise in dealing with clients. We are honoured to have several of the world's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies as strategic collaborators. In our healthcare campaigns, we help our clients with tasks such as booking appointments for medical examinations, general management of incoming calls, communication of product information requiring specialised knowledge, and technical support. A contact center infrastructure controlled by standard quality assurance systems is essential in the industry, and United Call Centers meets these requirements in every aspect. Top quality service is guaranteed by a highly skilled team and a contact centre service with an outstanding technology infrastructure, ISO 9001:2008 quality management and ISO27001:2013 information security, supported by the industry standard IT and data security network.

Market research

Need to build or clean a database, or handle a large volume of calls in a short time? Let United Call Center's experienced, large team of professionals, who can communicate in any language, handle the task! We have extensive experience in market research and smart script technology-based telephone interviewing. Our workflows are supported by state-of-the-art automation tools, allowing us to efficiently and quickly carry out any kind of pre- or post-consumer survey, market segmentation, competitor analysis, even with mystery shopping activities, or for a third party! Both short and long-term campaign and ongoing services are available in our portfolio, even back-office tasks can be outsourced if required.


Leading international players in the telecoms market have chosen our services for their outstanding customer experience and innovative contact center solutions. The United Call Centers team confidently handles all contact enquiries, whether it's for new subscriptions, contract renewals in residential, fleet, and business segments, or even the sale of new service bundles and devices. We are flexible to our client's needs, for both short- and long-term campaigns, using up-to-date technology solutions, chatbots, and other automation tools to help maximise customer satisfaction in any language around the world.


Our customer support services are the choice of many national and international clients in the tourism and hospitality sector. Our contact center services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any language required, covering all areas related to the industry, such as general customer service, information line management, ticketing, air transport logistics, help-desk, online marketing, or even special force majeure situations.

In addition to accommodation arrangements, travel management, customer support and logistics support, United Call Centers offer a range of services to its customers. Call center outsourcing includes handling high volumes of outbound and inbound calls, sales, lead generation, appointment booking, customer satisfaction surveys, on-demand social media management, corporate identity design, website development, software, and automation tools. We are flexible in preparing short, medium, and long-term campaigns that perfectly meet the needs of our partners, with on-demand services to ensure cost-effective solutions. If you want to entrust your client relationships to experts, contact us for expert advice!

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