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Who we are

From traditional inbound customer support activities to telesales, tech support, email, chat and other platforms, UCC covers the full range of front and back-office services in every language. We provide our customers with tailored pricing, handling low and large volumes, or seasonal peaks, both inbound and outbound. Thanks to our innovative approach, we aim to provide our customers with solutions that go far beyond the traditional call center, adding outstanding value while delivering the highest possible customer experience.



The foundation year of UCC


Reliable partner of local utility service providers with hundreds of employees


Telesales services launched, on-going strategic partnership ever since then


Initiating the preparation for international services


The fully remote services of UCC are launched in English, German, French, etc. languages


Establishment of the developer team, technology focus


Launch of our first chatbot services


More than 30 languages supported


Establishment of the Aiden brand – launch of automated customer support solutions


With AI solutions we can handle over 20% of customer service cases

How we work

Innovative business model, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable operations go hand in hand to deliver the highest level of customer experience. Since 2008, United Call Centers has been a pioneer in the integration of working from home. Our unique business model enables us to provide customer service solutions across all communication channels, in any country, language, or dialect in the world, with highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art technological support.

Global Sales Empowerment Solution

Global Sales Empowerment Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic popularized at-home working in various sectors. This includes customer services, where a decentralized and flexible business system is crucial for meeting customer needs and mitigating environmental risks, power outages, or network issues. We offer multilingual support, expanding possibilities for clients and fostering inclusivity by tapping into diverse talent pools. This approach promotes fairness, accessibility, sustainability, and safety in remote work.

European Hub: Sales Excellence & Secure

European Hub: Sales Excellence & Secure

We also offer call centre and additional services in the classic office environment. We have multiple offices in Europe, with strict data security standards and occupational safety conditions. United Call Centers' team of experienced trainers will ensure the transfer of professional knowledge related to each campaign and the training of prospective operators, while our top-quality technological background ensures maximum security and a consistently high level of service.

Agile Global Support Solution

Agile Global Support Solution

The synergy between the at-home model and office-based working greatly benefits our partnerships. We are able to support any language or dialect in any industry, and our unique infrastructure makes the implementation of services faster. We can quickly find the right team in our global talent pool to launch a new campaign in just a few weeks. Thanks to a flexible operating model we are able to provide customer support 24/7. Cost-effectiveness is ensured by our on-demand service model.

Hybrid Eco-Friendly Commitment

Hybrid Eco-Friendly Commitment

Hybrid working has a positive impact not only on services but also on the environment. Our employees do not have to drive to work or use public transport every day, so our company's ecological footprint and emission levels are much lower than that of a traditional brick & mortar business. United Call Centers is committed to social responsibility and environmental awareness, so we are constantly striving to raise environmental awareness among our employees, partners, and customers.

ESG Excellence at United Call Centers

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) considerations hold paramount importance in the life of United Call Centers. As an international business process outsourcing company established in 1999, we are committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and exemplary governance. Our at-home working model, coupled with an eco-friendly business approach, reduces our ecological footprint by eliminating the need for daily commuting. The dedication to social responsibility and environmental awareness enhances the value we bring to our clients, partners, and employees, forming an integral part of our daily business practices. Integrating ESG principles into our operations contributes to long-term success and ensures that we deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

Green Living Gamification

Green Living Gamification: Transforming Eco-Conscious Actions into Rewards

Following the previously announced REbot Plastic-Free July as an internal team-building challenge, United Call Centers has developed a special chatbot-based gamification platform to motivate the community to lead a waste-free and eco-conscious lifestyle on a daily basis.

Seasonal campaigns

European Hub: Sales Excellence & Secure Operations

Seasonal campaigns are not the only way to promote environmental awareness. Our efforts towards social responsibility can be successful if we make health and environmental awareness an everyday reality for our colleagues so that we can work together for good causes through collective effort, dedication, and leading by example while inspiring others.

Empowering Lives

Empowering Lives: Prioritizing Work-Life Balance and Quality

Work-life balance and the quality of life of our staff are a priority for us. As a family-friendly workplace, we provide ongoing opportunities for flexible working arrangements and scheduling. We offer our employees professional and soft-skills trainings, and we regularly encourage them to exercise.

ESG Commitment

ESG Commitment: Elevating Sustainability and Diversity in Business

Our commitment extends to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, emphasizing non-discrimination based on color, religion, or origin. UCC is dedicated to providing services that contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible business environment.

Awards & Recognitions

As we build trust with our customers as a contact center, we also work in other areas to make the world a better place every day. Throughout its more than 20-year history, United Call Centers has always made it a priority to support its employees, to make their work easier and to make the most of their everyday opportunities. We believe that our approach to responsible employment and social responsibility can contribute to the development of our employees and the creation of a quality workplace. We are delighted that others believe that we create value.

Standards and Processes

United Call Centers employs secure and reliable cloud-based call center software with advanced technology and robust security. UCC adhere to BCP/DR requirements, ensuring data protection through measures like firewall, antivirus, encryption, password security and 2FA. Employees receive information security and service training overseen by a dedicated IT and compliance manager. Committed to compliance, our company follows ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS 3.1 standards, implementing services based on ITIL framework practices for strategic alignment and operational efficiency.

Standard Operating Procedures


Our company follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) aligned with the ITIL framework to design and implement services. Projects, led by an Account Manager as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC), adhere to SOPs, defining departmental workflows, including accounts, HR, recruitment, finance, payroll, sales and marketing.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices are integral to UCC, enabling strategic planning, implementation and continuous service improvement. The approach ensures organised and effective service operations, allowing proactive exploration of efficiency opportunities and recommendations for developments.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

UCC diligently upholds the principles of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) as per the ISO 27001:2013 certification. This globally recongnised standard validates the meticulous approach undertaken by United Call Centers in safeguarding information security related to Call Center Services activities.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

United Call Centers, ISO 9001 certified, prioritizes efficient processes aligned with organizational elements. This certification enhances efficiency, improves business performance, and fosters customer trust. Collaboration with IWS for ISO 9001 training strengthens quality management processes.