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Sales support in any sector and language, from cold calling to product delivery.

One of the fundamental cornerstones of a successful contact center is the sales-focused attitude. We support our clients' sales activities at every possible channel and level of transaction, whether it's product and service awareness, needs assessment, lead generation, or sales in the traditional sense of the word. Our highly trained staff can communicate in potentially any language in the world, while also fully identifying with our partner's values and policies, leaving no language or geographical barriers to our results.

We continuously improve our sales processes in close cooperation with our clients. Our team is supported by top-quality technology infrastructure to help us contribute to the success of our partners with a cutting-edge customer experience and with hundreds of thousands of successful transactions every year!


The human voice is still the most important way to communicate. A sympathetic sales agent is much more effective in building trust with the customer than an often unread, impersonal promotional letter or e-mail. An expert customer service team is crucial in communicating with our customers, finding new clients and markets, but can also support any upselling or cross-selling activity.

Telemarketing outsourcing is also a very cost-effective solution in general, but it is particularly recommended for clients who regularly need to communicate seasonal promotions, products, and sales with fluctuating contact numbers. A sales-focused contact center can find excellent sales opportunities whenever the agent contacts a customer, as it is much easier to raise awareness of our client's new products and services if they have already shown interest - even if they originally contacted us for a different reason.

Lead Generation

Finding potentially interested partners is one of the hardest parts of sales. Make your sales team's job easier by letting trained, experienced, and professional agents handle the cold calling, needs assessment, and pre-arranging appointments in person or online. We offer lead generation campaigns to our clients, such as the complexity of the field, the need for specific knowledge, or those who want to contact their prospects directly for whatever reason.

We don't sell specific products and services, but rather we raise the interest of the potential target audience, assess the market, identify potential client needs and then agree on contact details and a time to make contact. With an adequate team of contact center staff, large monotonous tasks requiring administration can be completed in a matter of days. While the time and energy saved by using a contact center can be used to maintain quality contacts.

Market Research

There are no sales without an up-to-date database! Leave it to us to map potential buyers and customers, while building and updating the necessary databases. Data matching and questionnaire filling are done with a large team of administrators using the latest automation tools. A huge amount of information can be processed, while customer needs and potential sales opportunities can be mapped. This allows our clients to search for prospective and current clients on the basis of the most up-to-date data, and to concentrate on day-to-day tasks, where their presence is essential.


Do you run a webshop where you have a lot of customer questions to answer every day? Leave your everyday customer service tasks in the hands of professionals! Our staff will answer your customers' questions in any language, through any channel, and handle their queries about delayed or misposted shippings. We can even help with delivery and other logistics tasks through our external partners.

Aside from customer support services we also find opportunities for inbound sales, generating significant extra revenue for our clients in any industries.


Real-time financial transactions with the help of our contact center agents, without using sensitive banking data!

Support your sales campaigns and receivables management with the innovation of United Call Centers!

Reduce customer attrition and abandonment with UCC Pay!

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Cold calls in large quantities, in any language
Contract extension
Database building and cleaning
Online sales support
Lead generation, appointment scheduling
Receivables management
Upselling, cross-selling opportunities on every call
Customer personality typology survey

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