The highest level of communication


Who we are is the brand combining the technology portfolio of United Call Centers. UCC is Hungary's definitive and pioneering outsourced call center with nearly 25 years of customer service experience. From traditional inbound customer support activities to supporting telesales, tech support, email, chat, and other platforms, it covers the entire spectrum of front and back office services, in up to 40 languages. Thanks to our innovative approach UCC wants to service its Clients with solutions which have a scope way beyond the activities of a traditional call center, creating exceptional added value this way, with the highest possible level of customer experience.'s team is formed by BPO industry professionals, developers and automation experts with more than 20 years of international experience in corporate environments. To achieve our goal, our solution set is built on three main pillars. Voice-based automation, advanced analytics for end-to-end communication and process robotisation

The next level of customer experience


AI based automated customer service solutions

aiden.agent integrates the most advanced AI technologies. It can support up to 40 languages, handle 30-50% of communication (voice and text), and work just like a real agent. Artificial agent – real value.


Minimized risk, unprecedented visibility, maximized CX

The aim of the system is to enable to pre-screen 100% of calls and messages above and beyond standard quality processes. It produces transcripts of all conversations with advanced speech-to-text algorithms. Mood analysis, mass error alert, instant escalation. Available for you. Today.


AI-based front & back-office tools

Our tools cover a wide range of back-end process optimisation, from AI-based warranty management processes to a knowledge base supporting customer services.


Innovative technology with a focus on customer engagement

Modular design

Modular systems, each of them can be used separately or together

Data security

Data is always in a secured environment

Quick ROI

Fast and effective ROI on setup fee

Flexible pricing

All tools are transaction and/or license based solutions

Business continuity

The operation can be easily secured from volume, quality & risk perspective

Reducing human errors

100% human error free thanks to rule-based automation - minimal interaction needed

Data and Privacy Security recognizes the utmost importance of data privacy and security. Our partnership with IBM further strengthens our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. Holding the ISO 27001 certification showcases our dedication to maintaining robust security protocols. Incompliance with GDPR regulations, we ensure that customer data remains protected throughout our operations.