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Transforming Contact Center and Sales: Innovating from Marketing to Recruitment

We provide an extensive array of supplementary solutions aimed at bolstering every facet of your business, spanning from marketing strategies to software development and recruitment. As your global strategic partner, UCC is dedicated to propelling your business towards success. Our holistic suite of additional services guarantees that your contact center and sales operations are fortified by cutting-edge innovations, fostering growth, elevating customer satisfaction and optimizing operational efficiency.

Unleash Multichannel Marketing Success: Full-Scale Implementation

Unleash Multichannel Marketing Success: Full-Scale Implementation

United Call Centers' team of skilled developers is here to empower our partners in crafting dynamic solutions. From websites and online stores to microsites supporting sales campaigns, chatbots, and IVR systems, we ensure comprehensive support for your endeavors. Moreover, if needed, we can spearhead the development of a complete corporate identity, whether online or offline. From initial design to full-scale implementation, encompassing copywriting, graphic design, newsletter creation and social media advertising management, we cover it all.

Our meticulous approach extends beyond mere development. We meticulously strategize each campaign and interface, offering insights, forecasts and innovative ideas to fuel continuous growth. This ensures that your clients enjoy a seamless customer experience on your online platforms, further reinforcing your brand's impact. We employ cutting-edge marketing strategies to help businesses connect with their target audience effectively.

Revolutionize Business: Innovative Software Solutions

Revolutionize Business: Innovative Software Solutions

Our proprietary chatbot solutions stand out in the market, offering unparalleled practicality, elevating customer experiences, and granting users unmatched freedom. Designed in-house, these chatbots are not only versatile but also customizable to match the unique branding of our partners. Integrated across various social platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence. With our chatbot technology, businesses can revolutionize their operations without the need for manual intervention. From enhancing customer service to boosting sales, streamlining HR processes and optimizing back-office tasks, our chatbots are adaptable to support any business solution or process.

We're at the forefront of developing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products tailored specifically for everyday HR and workplace applications. These RPA solutions are engineered for high-volume, routine tasks, offering lightning- fast, automated execution. By implementing our RPA solutions, businesses can potentially save hundreds of man-hours every month, allowing them to focus their resources on more strategic initiatives.

Transforming Workforce Management: Efficient Tailored HR Processes

Transforming Workforce Management: Efficient Tailored HR Processes

At the core of our operations lies the efficient management of HR tasks, tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners. Whether it's recruitment, payroll, social security, check-in/out procedures, or any other HR function, we provide the expertise and technology required to execute these tasks seamlessly, alleviating the burden on our clients. Leveraging our integration capabilities and technological expertise, we deploy high-quality automation tools to drive efficiency, potentially saving our partners hundreds of man-hours.

With decades of experience in temporary staffing, we have a proven track record of supporting contact centers of varying sizes, managing the entire spectrum of human resources activities. This allows our clients to channel their focus on core business operations while we handle the intricacies of HR management. United Call Centers offers comprehensive HR services and temporary staffing solutions to help organizations navigate the complexities of workforce management effectively.

Bridging Borders: Customer Engagement with Multilingual Support

Bridging Borders: Customer Engagement with Multilingual Support

At United Call Centers, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge multilingual customer support solutions designed to propel your business forward. Leveraging our advanced technology integration skills, we offer automated translation services that ensure seamless communication with your diverse customer base. Our solutions maintain the highest level of customer experience, providing assistance akin to native-speaking experts. We primarily deploy these services for clients looking to serve multiple language areas with low call volumes, alongside their core language service, without compromising on customer experience.

With UCC as your strategic partner, you gain access to top-tier translation services that enable effective communication across borders. Say goodbye to language barriers and connect with a diverse and global audience effortlessly. Let's collaborate to expand your online presence worldwide and drive unprecedented growth together.

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