5 Small Steps for Companies to Help Mothers

In Hungary, we celebrate one of the most important days of the year on the first Sunday of May. Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world, and it has been around for centuries one way or the other. The exact day varies from country to country, but it's usually in the spring, and children sing and gift flowers for their mothers.

We at UCC would like to express our gratitude towards mothers not only today and thank them for their unconditional love and care. Now we would like to present 5 simple but effective steps which companies can take to give back something, make life easier for their colleagues who have children:

1. Flexible Schedules

Usually, every company has some flexibility in terms of business hours and the location of work. UCC supports their partners 24/7 globally, so we not only have to be available more, but we can also let our colleagues schedule themselves more freely. Adjusting shifts or switching them is just a few clicks, but for a parent finishing work 1 hour earlier or starting 1 hour later can mean the whole world.

2. Daycare at the Office

When we support our Partners in our comfortable, modern office locations with Customer Service and Telesales solutions, we invite our colleagues to bring their kids to work during the summer. We have gigantic bean bags, toys, and edutainment materials for the children, in case there is no one to look after them while mom and dad are working. This year, UCC’s playroom will be open for the third year and we can’t wait to hear happy children noises around us.

3. Family Events

We love to play, and we love to have fun together. It’s good to bring some joy and spice up the weekdays with competitions, and events that are fun for parents and children alike. We have had costume contests, competitive Halloween pumpkin carving, and Santa Claus is a regular guest too. We do everything so our co-workers can bring some happiness home too.

4. Charity Work

We support not only our colleagues but our extended community. We collect donations for families in need, support the children’s ward at the local hospitals and foster care. When we can, we donate our computers which are no longer in use but are otherwise fully functional to kindergartens. Just about everybody needs help, but helping them is our driving force. Like we say, „If you want to feel great, do something good!”.

5. Home-Based Work

For many companies, a home office is brought about by necessity during a crisis. UCC has been already working from home since 2008 with many colleagues in the international market. This lets us gain lots of experience, and in March we could easily move 250 colleagues to home in only 3 days.

We hope that despite the difficulties of lockdown, people will experience the benefits of home office too. For example, we can save tremendous time and money without commuting every day, and we can spend more quality time with our loved ones. Many children are studying from home, and parents in a home office can help children study online.

UCC was named Family-Friendly Workplace of the year as a result of these actions, which is one of the greatest achievements of our company. Our CEO Richárd Kozma said:

"In Hungary alone, we have more than 250 employees, and 70% of them are females. Many of them are mothers, and also with small children, and for them, their children is most important, just for every parent. We strive to provide the solutions which make their lives easier every day."

We believe this family-oriented attitude is what makes us likable and sets us apart from other companies. Our goal is to continue supporting parents, and especially mothers since they are behind all of our successes.