5 Great Tips to Make Your Company’s Website Stand Out

The first impression is important for every company. Today we get it online from the corporate website or social media. It is no surprise then, that an outdated home page or low-resolution photos turn potential customers away. Today websites need to look great on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. We want to show you 5 easy steps to grab the attention of your customers and make your website attractive to them.

1. Keep Up With the Times

Perhaps when you founded your company you built a website right away. For more than 20 years, its become inevitable. However, during this time websites, their technology, and the way we are thinking about them has changed tremendously. In 2020, you would be hard-pressed to find Flash plugins, pop-ups are all but gone, and building a forum is out of fashion.

You need to watch out for the newest technologies which can offer faster loading times, neat visuals, and more security for visitors. It’s important to make your website responsive, so it can adjust its size automatically for smartphone and desktop resolutions.

2. Make Peace With Social Media

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn look back at decades of history already. They have unavoidably become part of our daily lives, from school to work they are everywhere. Still, we meet companies every day that neglect their online platforms or even flat-out reject to update them. We can’t help but wonder why?

The customer, prospective partner or simply people who create a buzz around us live and breathe online. We certainly less frequently pop-up Google to search since most social sites are like a walled garden, offering all information within themselves. Today, we can use this to our advantage and use a simple Facebook or LinkedIn page to direct people to our website, where we can convert them.

3. Talk About Yourself

If you have a website, you probably have a short introduction, perhaps a company history going back four generations. You shouldn’t forget though how short your attention span is today. It’s important to update people every day about your successes, challenges, and company life. A few honest lines from co-workers, and a professional photo can win new hearts for your brand.

4. Learn New Languages

Not every company wants to expand abroad, some of them are best in what they do at home. Still, it's becoming unavoidable to translate online content into languages other than English. Providing multilingual content positions your company as a modern, progressive one, and creates more traffic for your website.

5. Work With Experts

It’s not easy to develop websites, and even though you might have fond memories of Geocities, you should trust your experts to do their job. Building a serious website needs a dedicated team. There are many aspects that became a profession of their own, for example, design, content writing, even search engine optimization (SEO) has their experts.

A well-designed website works well on its own, with minimal maintenance it can return the investment. Aligning the design to your brand book and creating professional, carefully planned content draws attention unnoticed, all supported by modern, reliable technology.

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