5 Ideas to Become More Productive in Home Office

Currently, many people realise that there are more distractions at home than in the office. Because of this, moving to a home office might mean your productivity decreases, and you spend more time organising tasks than actually doing them. United Call Centers has been working with home-based agents since 2008, so we already have some observations on how to improve effectiveness when you work from home.

1. Keep Track of Your Calendar

If you have work to do, plan ahead and let your friends and family know when you are working. Home office is not the same as taking a day off, but many people don’t know that. You can also better rest knowing you finished your work in time.

2. Manage Your Social Media Habits

When you go on social media you can easily go down the rabbit hole. You can scroll in your news feed for eternity, and keep reading articles and comments indefinitely. Friends and family can keep texting you with funny GIFs and videos.

It’s important to keep in touch with your loved ones, but plan when and how you do it. If you know already when your breaks are, you will focus on your work during your shift, and you can focus on your social network in your free time. It’s a win-win situation really.

3. Dress for Success

It's tempting to keep on your giraffe-decorated pajamas and rock the scene from your comfy pillow fort. But don’t give in to sloth! Clothes contribute to your mindset, and if you dress up as if you were going to work, you will take your job more seriously. You don’t have to sit at home strictly black tie, but a shirt and jeans can already boost your effectiveness, not to mention you can turn on your webcam in meetings.

4. Breath Some Fresh Air

Sitting in a dark room all day doesn’t do any favor for you. Let some oxygen work its magic on your brain, and give those tendons and muscles a little job to do. Sitting all day is the number one reason for back pain, and even a quick peek on the balcony can make you fresh.

5. Be Present

Don’t just disappear in the Bermuda triangle of virtual work. It’s tempting to mute your phone and not reply to emails, but your colleagues need your help more than ever. Home-based work is a trust game: your work buddies and your manager count on your conscience that you do a great job. With home-based work comes great responsibility – make sure you earn their trust.

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