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Technology permeates our lives today. Smart tools and even smart vehicles help us with numerous functions, but because of their complexity customer often turn to customer support. At UCC we are always open to new ideas and the latest solutions, so leading tech companies are happy to be working with us.

International companies find it crucial to represent themselves in each country with a high level of service. One of the best ways to do that is flexible, innovative digital customer service. Thanks to UCC’s unique business model, we can represent our partners, and their products and services in 150 countries worldwide. Now we would like to show in 5 steps how UCC’s innovative approach helps to digitalize customer service:

1. Virtual Environment, Real Expertise

It is important that if customers need help to use a product, then they must receive that help in their own language. The easiest way to do that is to work with people living in that country, or people who were born and raised in the target culture. COVID-19 has diminished the status quo in terms of home-working, but UCC is not a newcomer in the area: we have been continually working with at-home agents since 2008, thanks to our home-based model. Call center professionals from all over the world joined us, people who believe the office and the daily commuting must be left behind for the comfort of home.

2. Online Knowledge Sharing

Training new and old colleagues have become a must – even if we cannot meet face-to-face. UCC’s internal training academy, United Standards of Excellence (USE) has created online strategies which leverage virtual communication to help replace personal contact. Video connection is key to supplement conversations with mimics and gestures because we deliver most of the information that way.

3. Automated Help

It is important to see that even a simple automated messaging system can make our jobs easier. They supplement human work on social media, by chatting first and foremost since they begin customer conversations instead of human colleagues. Chatbots create the sense of a real conversation and if needed they hand over messaging to a real person who can solve more complex problems.

4. Customer-Oriented Approach

No matter which shiny new tool or tech we use, we believe the service industry means people help people. Our customer- and people-centric attitude helps bond our colleagues into a living and breathing community, for whom helping is not a mere job or task, but also a lifestyle. We intend to give our ethical code to both our colleagues and partners: respect, love, appreciation, and helping each other create the greatest success stories.

5. Winner Mindset

The most important part of UCC’s customer support system is a success. Our primary goal is to make our Partners successful, providing the greatest performance in all areas. We keep quality high by continual service improvement, and proactive, preventative measures. Our dedicated account managers are always available and guide our Partners in UCC’s world as a single point of contact.

As you can see, digital devices need digital support. Changing consumer behavior, such as Gen Z tech usage makes all players change the game. We trust that we can maintain and improve the balance between human and technology resources so we can make our Partners even more successful.

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