Automatic Problem Solving at UCC

United Call Centers follows and learns how to best use the latest technology solutions which can help make our work better. Software automation, which already has years of history has matured into a production-ready solution. It can be used in more and more industries and business sectors, and its significance will certainly grow in the future. Let us look at what we mean by automation, and how it can save precious work hours.

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, is a software solution that completes a mass amount of simple tasks. The basis of it is the so-called „software robots”, or just „bots”, which can also be supported by AI. These bots can follow pre-defined scripts to solve a problem, and more advanced versions can even learn from human operators by observing their actions.

Several industries have utilized them in a business environment. Database management, financial, credit, and banking services, even eCommerce uses bots in many areas. This is no different from customer support and sales. Every well-prepared solution can use teachable bots, as long as they conform to the below requirements:

  • The process is well-documented for every step
  • It is large-volume (thousands, or tens of thousands)
  • The task itself is fairly simple on its own

As you can see, robots will not take our place for a while. They can mostly help where your business wants to save time – and therefore money. The human element is still the most important in customer relationship management, and only this can guarantee quality.

Using bots we can create fantastic self-service systems with the help of „chatbots” creating the sense of human interactions in Messenger. They are available 24/7 and answer the most frequent customer inquiries. Since they are text-based, they can be translated into any language, becoming an important way to expand into new markets. Chatbots can help extend opening hours, even at night or during the weekend. If the customer does not receive an answer, they can always request a human counselor for help.

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