Customer-Centric Attitude and Dedication

UCC has been delivering customer support and contact center services for more than twenty years. During this time both society and technology have gone through tremendous changes. There is one, however, which remains the same for us: the human element. Since the beginning, we have been relying on our colleagues’ expertise, since they help our customers to find solutions for their problems. As long as 2008 we have been sharing our knowledge with our colleagues abroad on the international market, thanks to whom we can support all languages on the native level.

We started working with home-based agents earlier than 2020. More than ten years ago, we recognized the opportunity given by spreading Internet access, which made office work’s significance decrease, we are no longer tied to the same place. This year’s events only reinforced us that we are on the right track, and home-based work will supplement our business greatly in the future. We are trying to make good use of our knowledge and experience, and stand out from the competition by UCC’s customer- and success-oriented approach, which is based on respect and love towards each other.

In order to find the most talented and dedicated colleagues, we make use of our proprietary recruitment processes. Both online and offline, we help candidates find the best position with extensive advertising, pre-screening, and selection procedures. We determine whether customer support, sales, or other careers are best for future colleagues with assessment centers simulating real-life situations based on personality traits. In customer relationship management, people's knowledge and self-knowledge are vital, assessing customer requirements and fulfilling them would be unimaginable without them.

We develop and supplement existing skills with USE – United Standards of Excellence, our internal training academy. After onboarding, we support our colleague’s ambitions with not only work process, but also with soft skills, sales, customer relationship management, and management training. We are designing training suited for the specific nature of home-based work because we recognize moving into a whole new environment requires a completely new mindset. The significance of time management and individual work increases, the number of social interactions becomes minimal, and responsibility increases. We believe we need to collect and share these experiences with our colleagues as well.

Our everyday work is helped by the fact that our values are not only shared via spoken word but are also recorded in writing. UCC’s Ethical Code collects the values which are important to us, and how we can best represent them in our professional life, during work as well. Excellence, reliability, equity, customer-oriented mindset, and assertive, positive communication are only a fraction of what makes our services „UCC Quality”.

We strive to bring the most to the table because we are good at what we love to do best: help others to become successful. We achieve this every day through our solutions, helping our Partners in customer support, sales, and related business areas.

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