Omni-Channel Support for Healthcare Companies

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed major technological advancements in the field of call center technology. We are always aiming to use the latest and greatest, and also develop our own tools to create tailored solutions for our Partners. One of the key areas, in which our team always strives to go the extra mile is searching for new and better ways to interact with customers. With Gen Z and Gen Alpha on the way, communication styles and methods are changing radically, and UCC is following these new trends to stay competitive and up-to-date.

Omnichannel Healthcare - Is This The Future? 

Patient-doctor relationships are being completely digitalized, especially due to social distancing and related events. Personal appointments have quickly shifted to phone consultations, email exchanges, and even video conferences. Today there are so many ways to communicate, it can be also easy to get lost among the multitude of apps – Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp are not news already, and Telegram is becoming popular too. Service providers no longer dictate how communication should happen, it’s mostly decided by what customers want.

UCC provides omnichannel Customer and Sales support, which means we are available on as many platforms as it’s possible. Thanks to our expertise with CRM tools, integrations, and API connections, we can easily connect all the tools our Partners need to keep in touch with their clients. Let’s not forget about traditional methods either: UCC can provide local landline and toll-free numbers in 150 countries worldwide. After all, sometimes the solution is just a call away.

Supporting multiple communication channels can help healthcare companies to build rapport with patients. Using a synergy of automation and classic „run-of-the-mill” SMS tech, we can send text reminders about appointments, or even facilitate two-way communication for surveys and questionnaires. Messenger, WhatsApp, and many other chat-based platforms support Chatbot tools, which can be easily turned into a complete self-service facility introducing products, services, creating FAQs, and more.

Technology for Health

Chatbot tech is maturing: there are more and more ways to customize automation to serve different purposes. We have created over 50 solutions last year, including but not limited to food ordering, electronic product support, interactive story-telling for children’s fiction, and even a home-based work support tool. Not only that, but UCC also has their own Chatbot-based gamification program for Plastic-Free July – chatbots live on the same planet as we do, so they can help save it after all.

Today, especially in the face of the current socio-economic situation, need to make sure no calls are left unanswered, and no chats are lost. Omnichannel BPO solutions by UCC allow you to be available globally, 24/7 and reach every customer in their own native language. Our home-based digital nomads always go the extra mile and have the perfect local cultural knowledge to build rapport, care for, and hand-hold customers on their journey.

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