5 Reasons Why Multilingual Customer Support is Important

Today it is important for every company to effectively maintain customer relationships. E-commerce and home office are part of the daily routine for everybody today, so customers can purchase goods and services from any part of the world, and transactions can be closed in minutes. Nevertheless, it is unavoidable that customers sometimes bump into challenges, problems, which prompt them to contact customer service. Now we introduce 5 reasons how and why multilingual customer support creates value for customers.

1. You Can Reach More Customers Using Different Channels

Almost certainly you can find a new communication channel every day. In addition to phone, email, and company websites, today it is part of the basic communication package to be present on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Viber and WhatsApp. Social changes have an effect on information exchange as well, younger generations perhaps better like to ask questions in writing than over the phone. Written communication can be greatly supported by automated tools, such as chatbot technology, using which frequently asked questions can be answered anytime during the day.

2. You Can Get Customized Solutions

Thanks to advancements in technology you can reach any continent with only one click, so customers from more and more countries can arrive on your company’s website and social media pages. Flexibility, adaptability, empathy, and the drive to continually improve is the fundamental attribute of every contact center providing quality services. It is important that customer support agents are subject matter experts, and that they serve their customers diligently with a helpful, patient, proactive attitude, adapting the client requirements and customer base even on an international level.

3. Native Language Support Gives You Higher Quality

Customer service works best if it provides the most comfortable, professional services to everyone. One of the cornerstones of this to remove language barriers between partners, and talk the language of customers figuratively and literally. United Call Centers can support the language of 150 countries via native-speaking agents using at-home services. Potentially any language and dialect can be supported, in addition to world languages such as English, German, and French, even including exotic dialects.

4. You Will Receive Comprehensive Support

A multilingual contact center helps its partners in many areas. Perhaps it is a cliché, but everyone needs customer support if they have customers. A contact center providing customer service can not only answer frequently asked questions over the phone, or in writing, or even in more-or-less automated ways, but can also accomplish tasks such as order taking, tracking, up-selling, technical support, and in addition to the above can support sales on multiple levels. From different reasons – cost, human resources, or even the lack of appropriate technical infrastructure – not everyone deems it sustainable to maintain an in-house team, so today many companies use outsourcing, or in business terminology, BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – providers in the areas of telecommunication, electronics, healthcare, finance, automotive, or entertainment.

5. It Creates More Jobs

During spring 2020 most companies in the world switched to the home office, and many did not switch completely back to traditional work methods even after the curfews and limitations imposed by the pandemic were lifted. While every coin has two sides, in our experience, the home office can greatly supplement classic, office work in the area of BPO customer service, and it can even replace it. In addition, it creates a fantastic opportunity for part-time employment and employing disadvantaged colleagues.

For many colleagues, it means a lot of help that they are not restricted to a set location in terms of employment, and they can uninterruptedly work even if they spend different times of the year in different countries. An at-home agent only needs strong language skills, excellent communication abilities, and Internet access. Better work-life balance and fewer restrictions decrease fluctuation. With a fixed, flexible, and professional team, it is a lot easier to deliver services, no matter the industry or field of specialization.

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