REbot Tips & Tricks #01 – 6 Easy Tips to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Anyone who ever tried any sustainability challenges like REbot can agree that while the tasks are basically easy to accomplish in our usual home environment with a daily routine, a summer holiday in this context is like to playing Minesweeper in real life. But why?

At home, we have our usual tools, walk-in places, shops, the usual selective waste collector, or a compost bin in the garden. But it's enough to travel only a few kilometers, we are already out of this comfort zone: we order food, eat at beach buffets - real powerplants of disposable cutlery - and if the tap water is not so good - which happens in many places in Europe - we are already rushing to bottled mineral water. Which, of course, should be plentiful if the weather is a little warmer.

So, unfortunately, we are forced to compromise in many respects, primarily with our own consciences. But the situation is not hopeless. Here are some tips, for example, to use if you can’t reduce your waste generation to zero during your vacation, but there are a number of points we can make to reduce it.

1. Pack your food in textile packaging or durable storage!

Anyone can prove that packing and getting ready before departure can turn into complete chaos at any time, as there is a lot to be paid attention to, especially for a larger family. In a situation like this, it’s easier to bag a few pastries in the corner shop, but if we can squeeze a few minutes out of it, we’ll make our own snacks and take them with us to a container that we can use to shop during the holidays. A textile bread bag or a recycled ice cream box can also do good service, the ingredients don’t spoil, we’re all away, and we can also save a few bucks by eating food brought from home while traveling.

2. Bring your own cutlery!

Today we can get a set of cutlery and a so-called "spoon machine", as we like to call portable cutlery in Hungary, made for travel and hiking almost anywhere. Take it with you on your holiday! In many places, we will not be able to protect the disposable plate in which the giant pancakes are served, but the plastic cutlery will be spoiled. During the one-week vacation of a family of four, counting the almost thirty sets with a daily main meal! Wherever you take the repo cup or metal mug left over from the festival a few years ago with you, only a few places will be a little surprised that you asked for your drink. Every change starts with the first step!

3. Pay attention to the portions!

In many restaurants, we get really plentiful portions of the food we order, which is basically a good thing, as the holiday is all about allowing ourselves things we don’t otherwise have. At the same time, it is worth taking a look at the table next door, where the waiter may bring the ordered food out the most, or where you have already finished your meal. If we see half-eaten dishes in many places, most often it doesn’t mean they’re cooking badly - maybe the amount was a lot. In this case, we can order a portion for two people or a double bowl for three. No one is guaranteed to stay hungry, but we don’t even produce junk.

4. Have a garbage bag with you!

In many accommodations, we do not have the option to collect waste selectively. Drops in the sea, but if only one piece of plastic and paper is placed in a separate bag and we throw away a selective collection on the way, or - whatever it takes some willpower - at home, we’ve already done more than we could!

5. Look for public faucets or water taps!

Unfortunately, public water taps accessible to anyone are being eliminated in more and more places, and obviously, the quality of tap water is not as good everywhere, so - in some countries in particular - the purchase of bottled water cannot be prevented. As a result, if a public tap gets in your way, it’s worth a try and replenish your supplies!

6. Washable diaper

The issue of washable diapers is often severely induced whipping on comment walls, the whole of which is beyond doubt that it uses the more environmentally friendly method rather than the disposable version appropriately. Before traveling, ask if there is a washing machine or other laundry facility at the property. On online interfaces, we can also discover a number of groups that help members socialize their opportunities, even those who have come from further afield. A good alternative could be the hybrid method - take a disposable diaper with you to have on hand if needed, but use it only when it is noticeably justified!

The list is intentionally incomplete. If you have a tip to share with us, welcome comments, or better yet, send a photo of it for more points in REbot's Daily Challenges!