Near the Cape of Good Hope – Joanne, Cape Town


As we get to know more and more people from other countries, the world will be smaller and bigger at the same time. Smaller, as we can recognize the thousands of kilometers of physical distance is much less in a figurative sense, between people. Bigger, as learning new things at the same time also reminds us how little we really know. In our virtual world traveler series, this time we visit Cape Town, Republic of South Africa - our guide will be Joanne, on behalf of the local team of United Call Centers.

What should we know about the place where you live?

Van Riebeeckstrand is a seaside suburb of the City of Cape Town, named after Jan van Riebeeck (1619-1677), a Dutch navigator and colonial administrator, who located Cape Town and the Dutch Cape Colony of the Dutch East India Company.

Why do you love to live there?

It's peaceful and safe and it's within walking distance from the beach. Van Riebeeckstrand is a small community, we all like one huge family here, we look out for each other, and as an example when I lost my dog, it was not even 2 hours before they found her. The people here are big animal lovers and also jump in to help even if you are a stranger.

If we were to go, what do you recommend in these cities?

In Cape Town, there is the lovely Water Front. There are cable cars to go up Table Mountain and we got lovely hiking trails all over Cape town. We also have the best wine tasting routes. If you want to see a bit of the history of Cape Town we have our lovely museums and you can also visit Robben Island.  If you are interested in art, V&A Waterfront has different art places, and I also recommend  Zeitz Mocaa Museum.

Stellenbosch is a lovely place to visit and also the wine route there is a must. Kruger National Park and for sure the hiking trails in Knysna Wilderness. There are a lot of good restaurants in Cape Town, I usually go to places that play some live music.

Which place would you like to visit the most?


What are the three first things that come to your mind, when you hear the word, ’Hungary’?

Stunning and friendly people - and it’s very cold!?


The Table Mountain got this name - allegedly by Portuguese captain Antonio de Saldanha - because the top of the mountain, which rises to a height of 1082 meters above Cape Town with almost vertical walls, is a large plateau, that looks like a table top.

The Hungarian name of the mountain is "Tábla-hegy", which is the result of a mistranslation, as it literally means "Blackboard Mountain". The English word “table” sounds similar to the Hungarian word "tábla", whose primary meaning is "blackboard", while the Hungarian word for table is "asztal". So the correct translation would be "Asztal-hegy". Nonetheless, as in the Hungarian geographical literature this slightly incorrect version has established, it's still the official name in Hungary.

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