Kenya-Hungary Virtual Business Forum Joined by United Call Centers


On Friday, 18 June from 9 AM the Kenya-Hungary Virtual Business Forum will begin jointly organized by HEPA, the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Embassy of Hungary in Nairobi. The online conference will also include topics on the ICT sector, where United Call Centers will be represented by Ákos Lőrincz. We have asked him a few questions on the subject.

How were we invited to the Kenya-Hungary Virtual Business Forum?

United Call Centers is successful internationally and closely co-operates with HEPA, and as such, we were invited to the online event jointly organized by HEPA and KNCCI, which is a virtual business forum in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in Nairobi.

Attendees will be discussing four major topics, which are agriculture, healthcare, water & irrigation, and ICT, which latter one is related to us. The reason we are invited to introduce ourselves is that as an international BPO contact center we are also present in Kenya, primarily via eCommerce Customer Support services.

For many people it might be surprising that in an African country the required infrastructure to operate these services are available. What are your experiences regarding Kenya?

It is important to see that Kenya is a rapidly developing country, with a high level of quality infrastructure, where the Internet, telecommunication, and online solutions are a vital part of commerce, and as part of this, we are working together with our local partners to provide high-quality call center solutions in the Kenyan domestic market. Since United Call Centers has been long pioneering remote work solutions and home offices, there is no limit to support any language in the country on the native level.

Which languages are we talking about?

We are capable to support any dialects or local languages as per our Partners’ requirements, including but not limited to the official English and Swahili languages.

What is our role in this event?

United Call Centers will be introducing the above-mentioned services in an elevator pitch in Section 2 pertaining to Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a quick, 1-2 minutes which briefly introduces a concept, such as the services and values of a company. The name reflects the – perhaps true - urban legend that professionals at American companies often only had a few minutes to present their ideas to the management, for example during an elevator ride.

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