Swimathon 2021 – Snapshots of the 3rd Week

On 19 June this year’s Swimathon DRY campaign comes to an end. Members of Team United Call Centers have already progressed hundreds of kilometers in different forms. Someone was running – in cross country, or dog school – some were cycling, playing football, hiking, walking, or doing somersaults.

As we have noted several times before, the aim of Swimathon 2021 is, in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle and exercising, to allow ambassadors to raise awareness for a charity cause and raise donations for them.

If you can, you can still support for a few days the team of United Call Centers and through us donate to the MedSpot Foundation Faceless Heroes initiative, which aims to provide mental aid to healthcare workers who have been fighting on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic for more than a year every day, often far away from their family and loved ones.

Donations are gratefully accepted here. Further information is available on the Swimathon campaign site. You can read more about supported causes in detail here, and find the ambassadors’ introductions here.

Our colleague Heni even joined a competition last weekend, and she said the following:

„The Crosskovácsi Sport and Environment Protection Association was founded more than 20 years ago in Nagykovácsi. Since then it has been continually training mountain bike professionals and organising MTB and cross-country runs.

In the following article you can read about one of the most important pillars of the operation of the Association and the organisation of sports events: that is, volunteering.

Personally, I have been participating for the fifth year in the Sunday cross-country run of the sport weekend usually held in June. Saturday is for the participants of the MTB marathon. As a local resident in Nagykovácsi, and someone who needs and loves nature, and because I adore running, I deem it important, almost obligatory to participate in these events.

Of course I always note that the mountain did not become smaller, there is no corrosion, and the downhill descents are deadly as ever. ?

In the gallery, you can find a few snapshots of the past week’s events!

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