“The beauty lies within the trust and the bond that you have with your teammates”

UCC’s Third Half, Part 1

Although for the Hungarian national team UEFA EURO 2020 has ended on Wednesday, we are not that sad, as our players did everything they could to win the last match. As it’s usually the case during major international tournaments, everybody is much more interested in football these weeks, even if you call it soccer. It’s the same for United Call Centers’ team of course! In our brand new miniseries we asked our colleguaes about football: why they love the game, who are their favourites? In the first part here comes Simon from North-Macedonia and Gyuri from Hungary to answer our questions!

What do you love in football, what gives its beauty?

Simon: I was playing football for 4 years in a youth team, so expect a long answer. I'm ME when I'm on the pitch, and I feel like I have total control. All the anxiety and problems just wash away. What I love about the game itself is the discipline, watching the team working towards the same goal is something that we have to strive, and the emotion that envokes especially when you are watching your favorite team live in the stadium. (Forza Inter <3). The beauty lies within the trust and the bond that you have with your teammates. Basically, you can fall back on somebody.

Gyuri: Most of all, this game shows that with determination and creativity you can come out as winner in any situation.

How do you cheer?

Simon: Passionately, I scream at the coach and the players!

Gyuri: First quietly, then I explode!

Which domestic club do you support?

Simon: None.

Gyuri: I don’t have a domestic favorite, I watch any team if that’s the case.

Which is your favorite international club?

Simon: The Italian club Inter Milan.

Gyuri: Barcelona

Who is your favorite player from football history and why?

Simon: Dennis Bergkamp - His first touch was out of the world.

Gyuri: Messi is my favorite! Professional attitude in all aspect. He is characterized by humility and talent, as well as exemplary behavior in private life.

If United Call Centers was a football team, what would be your position?

Simon: Left-winger.

Gyuri: Attacking midfielder, who takes his share of everything where it is needed!

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