UCC celebrates International Women’s Day

Today, in almost every country around the world, 8th March is about celebrating women and the values they represent, whereas formerly Women's Day was the scene of emancipation movements. Over the years, the political background of Women's Day has moved out of focus, and today Women's Day is similar to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. We experience intercultural diversity many times thanks to our global Partners and our at-home agents living in many parts of the world, and it's no different for Women’s Day either which is celebrated differently from one country to another. In Italy, for example, women are given mimosa, in France, lily of the valley or violet, and at United Call Centers, we usually brighten our colleagues’ day with a tulip.

Beyond serving the needs of our domestic and global partners, UCC's goals include employee satisfaction, well-being at work, and support for work-life balance. For many years now, we have been consciously designing and shaping our CSR activities, that is, our corporate responsibility, which in addition to fulfilling the needs of all of our colleagues does include environmental protection, donation, development in different areas, ethical business conduct, corporate culture, and equal opportunities. In addition to the Responsible Employer title, United Call Centers has recently been awarded the Family Friendly Workplace Award, which has been a great confirmation of what we have done so far and represents another milestone for our company.

Richárd Kozma, UCC’s Managing Director for Hungary says at the conference "Balance in the 21st century – family and work in our everyday life":

"Our official Family Friendly Workplace title is progressive, and we are pleased to be honored because the balance between family and work is extremely important to us. Behind the title is an employer approach that we believe is essential in today's world. For us this is not only about organising events, though we have events plenty of them, we also focus on caring, and on the perspective."

For UCC, the expression of responsible employment towards women does not only mean that our employees returning from parental leave are allowed to work part-time if they choose to. As a family-friendly workplace, we strive to meet all the expectations a returning parent would expect from UCC. There are several opportunities including our daycare which has been open every summer holiday for the third year in a row, and which is available to all of our employees for the whole day during work. Providing flexibility in working hours and taking work-life balance into account in creating the afternoon, evening, and weekend work schedules, and the fact that our colleagues who are on parental leave can continue to participate in our programs such as Santa Claus’ Evening for Children is evident at United Call Centers.

At UCC, we have a family-friendly, employee-friendly attitude every day, but there is one day when we pay special attention to women in our life. We believe that this attention should not be limited to a specific day, as we must spend 365 days a year honoring and loving one another.