Education in Focus

Perhaps the topic had never been more timely than it is now, since finding and retaining appropriate employees is a challenge for more and more companies.

For UCC, a Responsible Employer, training is not a luxury, it is rather the cornerstone of employee retention. We strongly believe that if we provide proper knowledge and skills at the right time by our professional training team, then thanks to the training investment in intellectual capital will result in a higher return on investment.

The Hungarian and German EPALE National Support Services announced a joint theme week focusing on workplace education. An EPALE Ambassador to Hungary also conducted interviews with five companies that have excelled in training their colleagues, as a result of which Richárd Kozma, Managing Director of our Hungarian division, introduced how UCC implements training in our facilities.

"We believe that quality service is one of the most important factors allowing us to stand out from competitors."

Continual development is one of our principles at UCC. The key competencies and professional skills of our staff in their field of expertise determine the extent of their success, and with the help of our experienced trainers, we created USE, an acronym for "UCC's Standard of Excellence". Our goal is to provide our colleagues with training that they can effectively use in their day-to-day work and even use their knowledge, such as their self-knowledge, communication, collaboration, or conflict management skills, beyond UCC’s walls and in their private lives. We conduct job analyses for each of our customer services activities, to deduct the consequences determining which competencies our colleagues need to successfully complete the given task. We provide these competencies during our trainings by the method of learning by experience. After completing each respective exercise our colleagues draw their own conclusions individually and as a team, moderated by our professionals of course. We feel that this method is more effective and memorable for acquiring the learning material.

We have determined multiple development paths for the future. We have been developing software for two years, with the goal to create solutions that are capable of synchronising automation with the tasks handled by our colleagues in the area of customer service processes as well. We believe based on our experiences, that the preparation for this will be an important area in the next couple of years. The other significant development area is how we can stand out in sales. Trends are changing fast, customers and users are under many impulses. We are carrying out continual research and developing our sales solutions because what we consider appropriate today might be outdated tomorrow. Time and energy invested in development have enormous returns every day. It is no question for UCC that continual training and improvement can be the foundation of our success in the future.

Read the interview with our Managing Director below (in Hungarian):