Home-based Contact Centre Solutions

Home-based Contact Centre Solutions for Continual Service Delivery

In today’s information age, not only reliability but also proactive, flexible attitudes are very important for Contact Center Services. There are many situations when Customer Service departments experience a sudden impact on call volume. The seasonal peaks in the travel and hospitability industry can be well-calculated, but global events can overwrite forecasts. Using a decentralized, home-based business model can help mitigate service impact, and only this business model can adapt to very low and very high contact volumes that are unpredictable.

Reliable and Rapid Implementation

United Call Centers has flexible, scalable, rapid solutions based on 20 years of Call Center expertise. Our team can walk hand-in-hand with your company in implementing rapid solutions for Multilingual Customer Service, Technical Support, Help-Desk, and Telemarketing. Based on our best practices, UCC is among the fastest Contact Centre providers in today’s age. Our solutions are implemented in line with ISO27001 compliance, and UCC’s systems (including those by 3rd parties) are redundant, supported by extensive BCP/DR planning. Depending on the size and scope of the service, it can be implemented between 2-6 weeks only from scratch.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Avoid major service interruption with a decentralized operation. Distributing your resources across multiple, remote “virtual offices” can mitigate the impact of major denial of service in many cases. Today, home-based work is not only a bonus, it’s the backbone of the service industry. Creating home-based workstations can help avoid issues with transportation, local infrastructure, and other hazards which can prevent access to the work area.

Many companies are already homesourcing their workforce – the question is, are you one of them?

The general interest in being able to work from home has skyrocketed in only a few weeks in 2020. Corporations that are able to create home-based environments fast gain competitive advantages over traditional service providers. Adjusting to remote work is not easy, there are many questions and concerns regarding data security, utilisation, supervision, and training, among others. Consult United Call Centers for home-based BPO solutions today.

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