REbot – We Save the Planet From Plastic With Chatbots

United Call Centers provides internationally acclaimed customer support and sales services with 20 years of experience. We recognized the importance of providing sustainable services early on, this is why we have priorized CSR initiatives with which we can support both our communities and our environment.

One of our proprietary digital CSR initiatives is the REbot, for which we used chatbot technology for development. Chatbots are software automations which answer frequently asked customer questions by creating the sense of a real conversation in Messenger. They can be used in several ways, they can help with appointment setting, showcase products, take orders, or even deliver games and promotions.

REbot is one of the most unique from all of our projects. It combines revolutionary chatbot tech, gamification, and eco-friendly attitude. We support Plastic-Free July with it, and we motivate colleagues with our in-house promotion to purchase fewer single-use plastics. The best players are rewarded to let them continue an eco-friendly and conscious lifestyle.

In 2020 our colleagues completed more than 290 challenges through REbot. Using the chatbot our colleagues found creative alternatives for plastic bags and single-use wraps. Our most active player – Mónika Kovács – demonstrated her eco-consciousness 66 times, along with the runner-ups: Bea Tóth and Imola Drozsdik.

We would like to develop and popularize our eco-conscious solution. Chatbot tech develops fast day by day, and we can solve problems more easily and quickly with its help. UCC’s aim is to use more digital solutions, and in-time become a paperless company. Chatbots can soon replace all paperwork, and they will be the best at HR processes, customer support and sales tasks.

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