World Clean Air Day – 4 Steps for a Cleaner World

We celebrate World Clean Air Day on 7 September. This is important for two reasons: first of all, clean air protects our health, and it is important for protecting our environment too. Invisible particles of pollution are the primary danger to our health which can damage our lungs and bloodstream. Pollution can also be connected to global warming.

UCC is an environmentally conscious company, and because of this, it is important for us to bring your attention to protecting our environment and health. In this article, we would like to show four activities that help create a better world.

1. Home Office and Digital Teamwork

UCC has been pioneering home-based work since 2008. The COVID-19 pandemic, which had changed our lives dramatically, had also greatly affected our environment. The home office became more widespread, traffic and commuting to work have decreased significantly. In cities and their agglomeration air pollution decreased, smog disappeared and the ozone layer benefited from reduced pollution too.

An average employee can spend 45-50 minutes per day commuting. Despite many people using public transport, many people drive to work. Since home office does not need commuting, cars and buses operate fewer times, thus protecting our environment, and not only air pollution but also noise is reduced.

2. Life on Two Wheels

UCC has had a bicycle fleet since 2018. Our aim is to motivate our employees to sustainable, environmentally conscious lives. They can borrow our bicycles for commuting and weekend getaways, which can benefit their environment and their own health too.

3. The Best Business Is an Eco-Friendly Business

We strive for eco-friendliness outside CSR activities too: even our business strategy closely follows this goal. UCC’s partners include the world’s leading renewable energy company, and we also support the electric vehicle industry. Our aim is to work together with more companies with whom we share a mutual perspective and attitude towards the environment.

4. Eco-Friendly Robots? Yes!

Our in-house development team does not only work with business software, they also take part in our CSR initiatives. One of their unique development is the REbot – one of the world’s first environments protecting chatbots. As we have noted before, REbot motivates employees using gamification to use fewer plastics during Plastic-Free July. Our experience so far is that this game is very popular, and people continue environmentally conscious, ethical lifestyles even after playing.

We hope that these activities can help us do more to take care of our planet, and that we motivate others to become more conscious in their daily lives too.

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