European Day of Languages

United Call Centers support more than 25 European languages globally via our international team spanning across 50 countries. Thanks to our unique business model we support all languages with native speakers, further increasing the quality of customer experience during interactions.

The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on the 26th of September, upon the proposal of the Council of Europe jointly with the European Commission. The event's main goal, amongst others, is to motivate Europe's 47 member states to learn more languages at any given age, as part of their studies or alongside them.

The conviction of the Council of Europe is that linguistic diversity is an instrument leading towards a greater intercultural understanding and is a vital component in our continent's rich cultural heritage.

As an international company, UCC promotes multilingualism in a similar fashion. Owing to our unique business solution, we are able to support all languages in the world with call center experts who speak up to 2-3 languages at a native level. Our colleagues provide high-quality services in 29 languages across Europe.

Our model of working from home allows us to provide career opportunities even in areas where it is more difficult to find jobs, for people who possess sufficient language skills or speak multiple languages.

What Options May Be Available for You at Ucc?

An imperative aspect of the professional customer service delivered to our partners is ensured by a more natural language understanding, where we place a strong emphasis on communication in one’s own mother tongue. We deliver on the expectations of our clients through our employee’s linguistic, cultural, and professional experience.

We have been providing sales services for over a decade, which to date makes up a significant part of our portfolio (65%). By implementing our help, we provide our partners with the best channels to reach their target audience. Due to its interactive nature, our telesales campaigns when we contact people directly to sell products and services are proven to be a successful method of increasing our partners’ reputation and success with hundreds of thousands of transactions annually.

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