United Call Centers

Ever Dreamed Of A Workplace...

Where You Work When You Like, As Much As You Like?

UCC is exactly this place. All our agents work from the comfort of their homes, with flexible work patterns suiting a wide range of lifestyles. We recognise that not all people are able to work to a fixed, predetermined schedule, yet they can make a valuable contribution at the times of their choice. By pooling a large number of agents with different work schedules, and linking them up with a novel call management technology, we are able to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining full flexibility for our agents. In return for your flexibility, we offer competitive hourly rates that are similar to full time, fixed employment, without the restrictions that come with a full time job.

Wishing To Do Part Time Work From Home?

UCC offers the ideal solution: create an unpredictable daily schedule, with the best of planning. All you need to do is give us your general availability and an approximate number of hours you wish to work. Once you log in, our call management software will route calls to you, but you may suspend your availability at any time, calls will be routed to other available agents without inconveniencing our clients. Are you a student, supplementing your studies with some part time work? If you can be available at regular hours, you may be ideal for the night watch. Call volumes are low, but few agents wish to be active throughout the night. With a couple of colleagues, you may cover a night in a couple of shorter 2-3 hour shifts.

Agent - UCC

What Do You Need?

USB Headset

In order to ensure the highest sound quality, you need to have a USB headset

Laptop or a PC

Personal Computer or a laptop with Windows 10 operating system

Cable Internet Connection

Cable or fiber optic internet connection, with at least 1 Mbps bandwidth connection

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