The Hungarian Folk Tale’s day

In Hungary, we celebrate the Hungarian Folk Tale’s day initiated by the Hungarian Reading Society every year since 2005 on the 30th of September, which intentionally coincides with the birthday of Elek Benedek, who became well known for writing children’s books and storytelling activities aimed towards children. The society’s aim wasn’t only to preserve folk tales but to pass them down to younger generations for the wisdom found in them.

Many might not be aware, but with the use of a chatbot built into the smartphones which we all carry around in our pockets, we are able to step into the realm of fairy tales. With the help of chatbot technology developed at UCC, we created an interactive story, with which we can provide young children with entertainment and we are able to ensure their moral development.

While using the E-Tale, children can customize their protagonist and creatively decide about their fate through 50 unique interactions, during which they meet with more than 20 side characters. The fact that you can achieve 4 alternative endings attests to the complexity of the storyline.

A chatbot is a platform software, which was developed to recreate conversations and interactions of real humans, in short: it is an automated tool. But how do these work and most importantly how can we utilize them?

They can help with ordering pizza that you previously consumed at your favourite restaurant, but on the flip side, they can also guide you from time to time with lifestyle recommendations pertaining to healthy eating and regular exercise. Chatbots can book transportation vehicles and accommodation options with their online map support while traveling, saving precious time otherwise spent on research. In addition, in the business sector, chatbots are acting as customer support agents, acting as information-sharing sources, and self-help platforms.

These devices can practically be programmed to serve any purpose imaginable. For example, a chatbot previously developed by our colleagues complemented various duties of the HR department during the selection process by asking pre-screening questions, as well as answering frequently asked questions for our potential employees.

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