New Webinar After the CX Summit – United Call Centers in the Five9 Executive Spotlight Series

This year’s Five9 CX Summit was held on the 1st and 2nd of September. The two-day event this year primarily focused on the effect of technical development on the daily life of contact center companies in the form of talks and presentations. During the Global Fireside Chat opening the online program series on 1st September, United Call Centers also shared their experiences as the partner of Five9.

“As a software developer, Five9 puts a significant emphasis on the BPO sector since this segment is an important market teeming with opportunities for them. The most captivating aspect of Global Fireside Chat was that in addition to the hosts, two globally present but geographically remotely situated contact center companies participated in the talks, Iterum, based in Panama, represented by Joseph Fidanque, Owner of the company, and from the EMEA region us, United Call Centers. The main focus of the conversation was knowledge sharing, what experiences we have had as Five9’s partners using their products. What advantages and added value of the perspective of services in the infrastructure, which consists of the fully secure cloud-based work environment, or the minimized and automated handling of repetitive tasks, for example.

Also, what it feels like to be working with a service provider focusing solely on our sector, who understand precisely and deal daily with the requirements of this segment. BPO is a special sector where customer experience ensures high customer satisfaction even during high daily contact numbers. Automation, digitalization, responsivity, meeting SLAs and KPIs are principal requirements. We need an easy-to-use and highly flexible product for this, where we can do everything in one interface, where we can quickly launch campaigns.”

Of course, such a conversation in practice does not happen by simply having the guests talk about a few given topics.

Zsolt, as an experienced presenter, shared the following with us about the background of the conference and what the cornerstones of such a presentation are:

“The professionalism of the organization is highlighted by the fact that a few days before the actual talk, there was an online dress rehearsal, where we were introduced to each other, so we had time to prepare and get to know the others a little. During these occasions, we do not work based on a strict schedule; we just start to talk freely, and from this organically develops a train of thought enjoyable for outsiders. It is principal that when you join, you should pay attention to camera settings, the equipment and not move too much in front of the screen. Make sure to express yourself in understandable, well-structured, complete sentences, but do not make viewers feel you’ve learned your text by heart.

In the case of multiple participants, it is important to leave some space to the others and not be overbearing so that they can only nod after a long monologue. There should be an ideal ratio since every call center expert has their area of expertise, unique point of view.

In addition to the professional presentation, it is essential to create a life-like conversation, which is not a premanufactured product, but an enjoyable, real knowledge-sharing session. We should never forget that we are not only here to promote our companies. At the end of the day, we have to create value so that the listeners take away inspiring, positive thoughts after the conversation.”

There is a lot more to Five9’s online programs this year. On Thursday, 16th of September from 11 AM Zsolt is the guest of Five9’s webinar series again, where he will speak in detail about how United Call Centers is using cloud-based tools to reimagine the customer experience. Brian Atkinson, Five9 VP of EMEA will host the event.

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