The Next Chapter of the REbot Challenge Has Started!


With REbot, you can turn environmental awareness into a daily routine with tasks that can be completed in seconds, and if you are among the best participants at the end of September, besides the joy benefaction you can also win valuable gifts now!

Our green chatbot is available to anyone from early July, currently in three languages, Hungarian, English, and German. Our main goal remains to show what small changes can lead to a more sustainable future, and while we have no illusions about what saving a nylon bag or pet bottle means on a global level, we believe that attitude formation and changes that begin at the individual level can trigger positive processes as small drops makes the biggest rivers. The history of REbot Zero Waste Shops Database shows how this is so.

A database of litter-free stores developed from data sent by REbot players

As an optional task for daily challenges, REbot participants can offer us zero waste shops. It only took a couple of weeks and a few enthusiastic players to compile a database of more than 60 stores from the addresses they submitted, which allows those who care about conscious shopping to find this type of store in nearly 40 cities. In the ever-expanding REbot Zero Waste Shop Database, which is planned to be extended to several countries, you can search by name, country, city, and if you want to buy waste-free while traveling, you can access the GPS coordinates of any store with one click!

We are waiting for new participants - from now on, even corporate teams can start the challenge!

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