Global Patient Enrollment Solutions

Patient enrollment is a specific area of health and pharmaceuticals, where UCC provides customer support and outbound solutions to the highest level of service. We have several years of expertise in the area, and benefit brand-name Partners with our customer-centric attitude, dedication, and quality excellence.

United Call Centers is a BPO with more than 20 years of outsourcing expertise. We have been working with hundreds of companies from the top of the Fortune lists, and handle millions of customer interactions each year. Our home-based international division has been working with native-speaking digital nomads since 2008, being one of the first BPOs to do so.

BPO Healthcare in Practice

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are working with many patients who need understanding, clarity, and caring. During Patient Enrollment, we are communicating with each patient in a way to ensure their comfort when they first encounter the healthcare partner. The first impression cannot be made twice – and this is especially true for clinical trials. UCC is approaching patients with sensitive conditions with a unique hand-holding attitude and helps them walk through each phase easily.

United Call Centers is working with home-based, native-speaking agents. These digital nomads grew up in the target country, and although they might have moved to a new location, they have perfect cultural and language competence. Speaking the same language as the customer is always important, especially in healthcare. People find it difficult to talk about their conditions, they often use local dialectal phrases to explain it instead of international jargon.

Our agents already have the language proficiency required, and UCC provides the necessary soft-skill training to develop further. USE – United Standards of Excellence – is our in-house training academy aimed at teaching agents customer-centric, understanding communication styles that help build rapport with the patients.

A Highly Reliable System Based on International Standards

We not only focus on agent skills, but we also provide our colleagues with the best technological infrastructure possible. UCC is ISO27001, GDPR, and PCI-DSS compliant, with robust, redundant technologies with maximum reliability. Our in-house software development team creates AI-based solutions, such as chatbots, and RPA tools to increase efficiency and help decrease the administrational burden.

Healthcare companies choose UCC for their customer-first mentality and their digital transformation expertise.

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