Give Blood and Save Lives! – World Blood Donor Day at UCC

The World Health Organisation and the International Red Cross declared 14 June as World Blood Donor Day in 2004. It had always been important at UCC to show it's better to give than to receive – as a result we have become Blood Donor of the Year 2018 in Hungary. Every year, we give our colleagues the opportunity to donate blood right in our offices, saving three lives per donor in the process.

Why Donate Blood?

Blood donation is important to help people undergoing surgeries or treatments heal and live longer and happier lives. The important role of blood is mostly realized during a catastrophe or emergency. There is a constant demand for blood and the pharmaceutical products made from it, blood is a vital resource for healthcare. Donors themselves enjoy the benefit of blood donation – they receive immediate feedback about their health, preventing many illnesses.

Who Can Donate Blood?

Anyone can donate blood, as long as they fit the requirements. According to WHO, you should be:

  • aged between 18 and 65
  • weight at least 50 kg
  • healthy and fit to donate

Learn more on WHO’s website about requirements.

We Are Grateful for Your Help

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone, especially UCC’s colleagues for donating blood each year. We hope to continue supporting the International Red Cross and their Hungarian chapter in the years to come, and save many lives. Our goal is to motive others to follow our footsteps and adopt the helping mentality we nurture.


At UCC, we deem it important to help our local communities and give back as much as we can. We have organised several charity events, aim to support people in need, especially children and their families. UCC often use the latest technologies to help, and we have created the Fairy-Tale Hotline and the E-Tale Chatbot to make children smile. Of course, we invite Santa Claus to our offices every year, while we are delivering presents to families in need, or participate in the local charity bake-off.

You can find out more about our volunteering on our social media pages: