Call Center Expertise in the Healthcare Industry

United Call Centers supports the world’s leading enterprises since 1999 in many different sectors – including healthcare and pharmaceuticals. We have proven many times that our flexible, scalable, and cost-optimized solutions fit our Partners’ requirements perfectly. Our international division, which has been successfully operating for 12 years now, enables us to provide customer support, telesales, and online marketing solutions in any language.

Who benefits from UCC’s high-quality solutions in the healthcare industry?

Effective and reliable contact center support in international projects is vital in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our Partners, the leading global healthcare firms operate in almost every country. They have comprehensive activities ranging from contract research organisations to clinical trials and selling completed products. United Call Centers can support every activity as a single provider and one-stop shop for communicating between the client, the patients, and the doctors in an effective and transparent way.

What sets UCC apart from traditional contact centers

We are working with home-based digital nomads in our international division. These colleagues are not tied to a single location, they can work anywhere in the world where they have an appropriate Internet connection, a computer, and high-quality language skills. Thanks to United Standards of Excellence (USE) our internal training academy we can provide every work-related training through online webinars. Based on more than 10 years of online work expertise, we have created a proprietary training system that takes advantage of online tools and helps replace face-to-face contact.

This is how we do it – the advantages of home-based digital nomad life

Thanks to homesourcing we can work with anyone, anywhere. UCC has a virtually unlimited talent pool, and we can find native-speaking agents for any language in 1-5 days. These colleagues work in flexible schedules, 4-6 hours per day. On the one hand, this improves their work-life balance, and helps them spend more quality time on their private life. On the other hand, we understand customer demands are changing day by day, hour by hour. The number of calls, emails, and chats changes constantly, the number of work changes, and thanks to flexible scheduling there is no idle time or wasted resource.

This is why successful companies choose UCC

We are working successfully with more than 24 international customers who choose UCC as their global strategic partner. We provide a stable, redundant technology background with complete data security (ISO27001, GDPR, and PCI-DSS 3.1 compatibility), and send and receive confidential data via secure API connections. Our colleagues receive high-quality general security and awareness training that meet international standards, and we create personal development plans with soft-skill training for them.

We strongly believe that native language capabilities connect the company and customers the best way. This is especially important in healthcare, there can be no language barrier between the patients and us. Customers often do not speak English, their condition is sensitive and needs care and understanding, and they talk about it in their own words, without scientific terms. First impression cannot be made twice – it sets the image about our Partners and UCC. This is why our Quality Assurance procedures rigorously check every conversation, and we are only working with helpful, customer-oriented, and proactive operators.

Single Provider for all services

United Call Centers is an omnichannel service provider. We support your customers via phone, email, chat, social media, and apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber). Our proprietary chatbot technology allows us to create automated responses for FAQs and answer queries 24/7 and error-free. We can also schedule automated text messages and reminders for your customers. Based on our extensive technology background we can provide toll-free and landline numbers for outbound and inbound calling in 150 countries.

In addition to customer support, telemarketing, and help-desk we have training programmes, leadership and organisation development services, and we are successful in HR- and recruitment activities. We support our Partners successfully in every area as a single provider in every language, every timezone.

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