Chatbots Protect the Environment at UCC

Last June UCC launched their unique environmentally conscious chatbot called REbot. As we have described earlier, chatbots can create a sense of conversation with real people, and as such answer simple questions on Messenger and increase the effectiveness of human colleagues. Chatbot technology has tremendous opportunities since it can be used in many industries from electric vehicles to the food industry. UCC’s creative team even designed a „Choose Your Own Adventure” (CYOA) game for children so they can write their own fairy tales.

REbot is the logical next step in our environmentally conscious work and the latest development in our chatbot technology. We created our gamification system for „Plastic-Free June Challenge” in which our colleagues can get points for completing environment-protecting tasks. The aim of the tasks is to motivate people to purchase and use renewable, natural products instead of single-use plastic.

Every completed task must be proven with a photo, which can be submitted via the automatic chatbot system by players. More than 70 people participated, who completed more than 1000 tasks. This means they reduced the amount of single-use plastic by more than 40 pounds. The winners – who went by the handle „Green Pease” – completed 260 challenges, with their top performer being Bea with 79 accomplishments.

The chatbot shows that technology can be easily used for good purposes. Gamification allowed us to motivate colleagues in an immersive and captivating way to save the planet. In addition to creating an environmentally conscious mindset, the chatbot had important teambuilding features. Playing together created strong bonds between the agents and let them have fun.

The advanced chatbot technology ran the game via automated communication. Both sending the tasks submitting photos and calculating points were automatic. The UI is the good old Messenger which we all love and know. The chatbot was customized with UCC’s logo and design further supporting the brand and putting agents in a familiar place.

The pilot has shown us we can build Chatbots quickly and easily for any creative task. The project provided valuable feedback for our developers and we expanded our software with useful features. UCC’s chatbot can handle complete customer support and sales tasks in any language, whether it is English, German, Dutch, Spanish, or any other language. It can be integrated with any website, and of course with your corporate Facebook page, so customers can reach it easily.

Would you like to give it shot? Let us know!