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(More Than) A Few Words About Us

UCC has been successfully offering call center services for more than 20 years, first on the Hungarian and subsequently in the international market. Today our services have expanded and in addition to „classic” phone customer support and telesales we also pioneer call center technology, training, and HR services. All of this would be unimaginable without dedicated, talented professionals, and this is why we are always keep to meeting new people.

U, as in Unique

The backbone of our operations is still customer relationship management and quality sales and call center solutions. Since 2008 we have had a home-based international division, thanks to whom we can support brand-name companies in all languages on the native level. Since high-speed Internet connections and computers have become abundant, our colleagues can work from our infrastructurally and ergonomically excellent offices, as well as from home. While the phone is still important, it is only one channel out of many: we support customers over the phone and via email too. There are also new technologies on the horizon, such as AI-powered customer service, and video chat support.

Let’s get to know each other

Since we have been in the business for two decades, we put a major emphasis on finding and sourcing the best talent. Our unique, proprietary recruitment functions have reached such a prestigious and high level of quality that major international companies trust us to recruit professionals for them. Our solutions built on personality mapping, situational exercises, and knowing people as unique individuals both in-person and online help candidates find the best positions for themselves. During recruitment, it is not only we that get to know you, but we also want to introduce UCC’s life, achievements, and expectations to you. It’s important for you to know where you are, and why you should tag along.

Unmatched, Clever, Capable

Your UCC journey does not end with the interview – we want to build not only a workplace but also a community. We help this with not only work-related trainings, and team building, but with self-awareness, soft-skill, sales, and event management training. These comprehensive training programmes are called United Standards of Excellence – USE – because we would like you to USE this knowledge to build your own career.

I Want You for UCC

We put on an emphasis not only on life-long learning, but also on respecting, accepting each other, equity, and a positive, success-oriented mindset. We believe this is the cornerstone of our success, and we would not be where we are now without it. Our goal is to make our time spent together quality time both professionally and socially, and our communication culture is a vital element in this. An important part of our Ethical Code is that commands us to be excellent to each other and to customers, on all levels of management.

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