4 Simple Steps for Companies to Support Youth

About UCC

United Call Centers is one of the most significant players for over 20 years in the Hungarian call center industry. Since the beginning, we have been working with the top corporations of the world to provide the best possible services to clients in Europe and all over the world.

Today digital competencies are a must in this sector, and as such, the call center is very attractive for „digital nomads” of Gen Y and Gen Z. As a result, UCC’s team is only 25.5 years old virtually since more and more colleagues join us right after school. Let us see what an international call center can offer to the youth.

1. We Help You Enter the World of International Business

UCC is always open to supporting young talents. We welcome our new colleagues with entry-level positions, flexible shifts, and challenging tasks that develop your skills.

What can I do in a call center as a new starter?

  • Sales and telemarketing
  • Customer support in multiple languages
  • Online marketing, PR, communication
  • Junior web development

These four areas are the backbone of UCC which creates value for our Partners. Every project is different with its own challenges and achievements, and there are no monotonous days in our business.

Work and life: how can I balance them?

We find it important at UCC to have our colleagues live their life to their fullest both professionally and privately. We help this with flexible scheduling so our agents can recharge and come back to work with positive energy. Generally speaking, we have four ways of co-operation:

  • Entry-level full-time jobs
  • Student positions
  • Home-based work
  • Internships

Every relationship type has its own attributes. Student positions for example help you gather experience and still fit into your schedule. Our internships can help fulfill your study requirements. UCC is has been working with home-based agents for years on the international market, and this year we made this model successful in Hungary too. In March we moved over 100 colleagues to the home office in only 2 days, providing them computers, mobile Internet sticks, and vans for moving.

2. We Teach You as Much as You Like

The key to long-term success is learning. UCC develops your skills with many internal pieces of training which are not only project-based but also help improve general competencies. Our internal training program, United Standards of Excellence (USE) is built on the following pillars:

  • Sales attitude
    • Discovering customer needs and perfectly fulfilling them is a priority in service, even in customer support, and sales attitude helps greatly.
  • Personality analysis
    • „Tailored solutions” has become a buzzword, but for UCC there is more to this. We continually improve our self-consciousness and we are actively listening to our customers to become successful.
  • Management training
    • There are no closed doors for talented people: we nurture their careers with Individual Development Plans (IDP) so they can reach their goals and remain ambitious.

We believe our track record proves our model works, and we want to continue developing it further.

3. Starting a Family? Bring ’Em On!

Family is the cornerstone of our work and success, and it is only natural to think about ourselves as a family-oriented company. Every year we find new ways to support colleagues with infants because every little help matters for them. Some of our solutions:

  • Flexible scheduling – arriving or leaving as you need doesn’t sound like much, but it can make all the difference.
  • Playroom – one of our most successful programs is the UCC playroom, where kids can play together while their parents work.
  • Family events – every year we organize Halloween, Christmas, and other events for children and parents.
  • Education – from this year parents can apply for an „education bonus” to help their kids to start the new semester.

4. Unique Company Culture

We put significant emphasis on supporting and helping each other at UCC. Our corporate culture is built on strong, stable foundations which are set in stone in our Code of Conduct. The most important parts which benefit our work each day are the following:

  • Positive, assertive communication
  • Teamwork, respect, and love
  • Integrity, ethical, fair attitude
  • Disability-friendly, family-oriented, blood donor-friendly, responsible employment
  • Environmental consciousness, CSR

The above points are not the result of external requirements, they are simply the way we have conducted business for decades, now recorded in writing. This sort of kind and respectful communication is what we believe to make us successful, and which we deliver to customers and colleagues too.

Would you like to join us? Let us know:
Website: https://unitedcallcenters.eu
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +36 1 510 0056