Wanderer of Three Cities – Anja from Celje (SLO), Prague (CZ) and Athens (GR)

#AtHomeEverywhere, June 2021

Anja, our colleague at United Call Centers, lives a special lifestyle, as she can call three European cities her home. Her birthplace is Celje, the third largest town in Slovenia, but she also visits Prague, the Czech Republic and Athens, Greece at certain periods of the year. She loves all of these cities for different reasons, and now she presents them to you in her own words.

What should we know about the place where you live?

I lived in three cities for the past 10 years - Celje (Slovenia) where I was born, Prague (Czech Republic) where I spent last 10 years and Athens (Greece) for the past 3 years. I move from one to another every few months. I love this cycled way of living because every place has its pluses and minuses and because each of them makes me feel like a new person every time.

Why do you love to live there?

I like Slovenia for its natural beauty. No matter where you are there is always a forest and a lake around. Prague is the most open-minded and international place I know and offers the easiest imaginable lifestyle. Athens is full of attractions and is exotic, wild, dirty, loud - like a slap in the face when you need it.

If we were to go, what do you recommend in these cities?

Czech Republic: Krymská Street, the center of Prague's bohemian quarter, the Vinohrady district, Cafe Sladkovsky, and Boudouir Ustaran. Slovenia: Lake Šmartinsko, Days of Poetry and Wine Festival, Sajeta Art & Music Festival, Tamkoučiri Restaurant in Celje. Greece: events of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Exarcheia, Pangrati district, Mount Lycabettus, Mavro Provato restaurant, and Metaxourgio market.

What country would you like to visit the most?

I loved living in Budapest and I wish to live there again.

What are the three first things that come to your mind, when you hear the word, ’Hungary’?

The eyes of Hungarians, melancholy, best european literature.

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