Swimathon 2021 – From Miskolc Through Barcelona to Skopje

The Swimathon 2021 DRY campaign lasts until next Saturday, in which the employees of United Call Centers join more than 200 volunteers in doing sports for a good cause. Our team entered the Shark category, and since the beginning have completed about 250 000 meters by different means of movement. Many were running, cycling, but there were also additional activities such as friendly football matches, martial arts trainings, excursions with kids, or with the family dog.

The aim of Swimathon 2021 in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle and exercise is to enable ambassadors to represent a special charity event and collect donations. Anyone who can may support the United Call Centers team and through us the MedSpot Foundation’s Faceless Heroes initiative, which aims to provide mental health support to healthcare workers who have been fighting on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic for more than a year, often far away from their families and loved for days.

You can donate using the following link. Swimathon campaign website: www.swimathon.hu You can read about other charity initiatives and also find the ambassadors’ introductions.

Any exercise can be thought of as meditation or motivation training since you can feel a sense of accomplishment even if you just go for a jog after work or ride your bike. We can remove ourselves from the daily routine and organize our thoughts even if we do not think about anything in particular. Then we can see our hometown from a different perspective, which can feel alienating from behind the windshield.

Team members of United Call Centers have made a tremendous amount of pictures during running, hiking, cycling, in Hungary and abroad, from the Budaörs Airport through Skopje to Barcelona. In the following gallery we would like to show some of these hoping to motivate you to exercise as well.