DBSC Coffee Talk – Watch the 3rd Episode Online!

’Virtual Coffee Talk #3 - Life After School - How to Build a Career?’ was the title of the 3rd Coffee Talk event organised by Debrecen BSC Roundtable aired on 2nd of June. This time Barbara Hadobás from Flowserve, Juan Arbelaez from DIEHL Aviation, Talal Khalid from transcosmos and László Szilágyi from 4iG shared their thoughts on topics such a their experiences in the BSC sector, preliminary studies, integration and first steps of their career. The host of the conversation was Ákos Lőrincz on behalf of United Call Centers, who we asked to briefly summarize why it is worth watching the presentation, which is also available online, for those who may have missed the live broadcast.

What are your impressions of the event after a few days?

It is always good to talk about professional topics as universitiy studies and career oppotunities in an informal atmosphere. In my opinion the discussions’ main curiosity was how we unpacked the life paths and motivations of our four guests: what led them into this sector, how they coped with the initial difficulties, the first obstacles. I think sharing these experiences is definitely helpful for the younger audience, who are still students and don’t know what to expect as a career starter in two to three years.

It was also instructive to hear about how it feels to work in an international environment, how to fit in, how to be successful as an employee of a multinational company, as it is a completely different medium compared to a school. We have to work with a lot of people from many different countries and we wanted to show how to do it well.

It was your debut as an episode’s host. How was it to you personally?

I had a bit of stage fright, maybe it wasn't too apparent. On the other hand it was a very exciting and interesting experience. My goal was to develop an interesting thought flow that all our guests can easily join and what could help them share their own thoughts and experiences with the audience. I hope this has been achieved.

When will the next DBSC Coffee Talk be held?

Hopefully during the next quarter. I can tell in advance that - as the Debrecen BSC Roundtable also holds university courses in French and the German course is on the way too - we have a plan to organize events in those languages as well. We want to emphasize with this the importance of language skills in today’s world. We are planning similar professional events by the end of the summer, this time in a traditional, public form. If the situation allows, we will let the virtual world go for a while, but I wouldn’t tell more about that yet. All details will be revealed in time.

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