Depths and Heights From the Perspective of United Call Centers on FM90 Campus Radio

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A new interview series will launch this Wednesday on FM90 Campus Radio. For ten weeks from March 23, the employees of the companies creating the Debrecen BSC Roundtable, renowned experts in the business services sector, will talk about current and professional issues in an informative and understandable way. In addition to the presentation of career guidance opportunities in the industry, this year's training and related events, topics such as technological solutions, environmental protection, work-life balance, and physical and mental aspects will be discussed. The hosts will be Balázs Kopányi and József Pálóczi.

In the first episode, Zsolt Gergely, an expert in educational collaborations at DT-ITS, and Éva Kissné Nyéki, project manager at the Debrecen BSC Roundtable, will give a brief presentation on the current training of the Roundtable and, of course, what to expect in the next broadcasts.

On behalf of United Call Centers, Zsolt Szmolinka, CEO, and Tamás Balog, Digital Marketing Team Leader, will be the guests of the second part on Friday, April 1, starting at 8:30. The title of the broadcast is "Depths and Heights, or How to Deal with the Big Successes and the Potential Failures?"

In the available airtime, we will discuss topics that may not only affect the players in the business services sector, as they may occur in any ordinary situation in the same way as during a professional task.

  • How do we handle big successes and how do we fail at significant failures?
  • How can we be enthusiastic about motivating others?
  • How should we communicate a bad success, a lost customer?
  • How can an employee’s self-confidence be rebuilt, how can a manager support this?

Join us on the 1st of April, from 8:30 am in the broadcast of the FM90 Campus Radio, or listen to us - in Hungarian - online at!

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Zsolt Szmolinka has been a guest of the FM90 Campus Radio for a few weeks now, where they presented the new German-language business courses of the Debrecen BSC Roundtable with Dr. Péter Csatár, Deputy Dean for Strategy and Economics of the University of Debrecen.

More information about the series and the Debrecen BSC Round Table in the article!