“You Should Always Be Prepared”

UCC’s Third Half, Part 2

It's hard to believe, but the quarterfinals in the UEFA EURO 2020 series will follow already this weekend. In our mini-series we asked our colleguaes about football: why they love the game, who are their favourites? In the second part it’s Natalija from Serbia and Silvia from Germany, who answer our questions!

What do you love in football, what gives its beauty?

Natalija: Because it’s unpredictable and you should always be prepared. Also the fact that the audience can make huge different and is considered the 12th player.
Silvia: I can´t give any universal explanation of exactly why football is referred to as the beautiful game, but it is widely accepted that the sport is so beloved for its sheer unpredictability, ability to bring communities together through fanhood and how visually pleasing an excellent game of football can be.

How do you cheer?

Natalija: I am super nervous, especially when it comes to penalties. I always yell and scream at my TV.

Which domestic club do you support?

Natalija: Partizan Beograd
Silvia: FC Bayern Munich. Why? Because I’m from Munich! ?

Which is your favorite international club?

Natalija: Rosenborg BK, Liverpool FC
Silvia: Juventus Turin, La Vecchia Signora. Why? Because my dad is from Turin. ?

Who is your favorite player from football history and why?

Natalija: Zlatan Ibrahimovic - because I like his confidence.
Silvia: Pelé, Gerd Müller, Zinédine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer, Diego Maradona

If United Call Centers was a football team, what would be your position?

Natalija: I’m a lady, so I prefer to watch, not to play. ?
Silvia: Coach… or maybe defender.

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