Job Fair in Miskolc Including United Call Centers


Up to twenty employers in Miskolc will hold a Recruitment Day, in the square in front of the House of Science & Technology (Tudomány és Technika Háza), from 9 AM to 1 PM. United Call Centers will also participate in the event organized by Miskolci Paktumiroda. We cordially invite everyone interested in our vacancies, career opportunities, or our everyday life at work.

„The Employment Pact Programme of Miskolc City with County Rights had been for a long time supporting employees and employers with trainings, development, different benefits and events. This year’s Recruitment Day will be joined by many significant companies in Miskolc, including United Call Centers. This is a fantastic opportunity for us as well to meet job seekers and build connections. In one of such events our HR team can face to face determine the status of the local job market, what positions are in demand in the region, which is timely because during the pandemic we could only receive information indirectly, via analyses and articles. During a personal meeting, we can talk to the visitors, offer our vacancies, build rapport, and share experiences with other participants.

The event is completely open, anyone can visit thanks to the open air venue. If you are interested in our open positions, please visit us, and meet us at our booth! We will have leaflets, you can bring your CV, and if necessary, we can help you use the United Call Centers HR Workflow system right there.”

For more information in Hungarian please click on the link of the event!

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