United Call Centers as an Advanced Cycling Workplace

This year, for the twelfth occasion, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT) announced the Cycling Friendly Settlement and Cycling Friendly Workplace (CFS-CFW) tender, for which a total of 67 workplaces and 46 settlements applied. Candidates who have been awarded the Cycling Friendly Settlement and Cycling Friendly Workplace (beginner, advanced level, title winner) degree (including the United Call Centers) will also receive a certificate. In addition, the title winners will receive a wall-mounted sign, furthermore, they are entitled to use the Cyclist Friendly title for one year as an indication of moral recognition.

A company's social responsibility can be considered successful if health and environmental awareness become commonplace among its colleagues so that we can act together for a good cause through a joint contribution, dedication, exemplary behavior, and by motivating others. We believe that a livable and clean environment is essential for everyone, so in addition to maintaining our health, we also aim to do everything we can to protect the environment in our close vicinity.

With this recognition, the Ministry of Transport encourages local governments and workplaces to assure the possibility of environmentally friendly cycling and that it is safe and appealing for residents, employees, and customers by creating sufficient infrastructure and transforming attitudes.

United Call Centers expanded its equipment inventory for transportation purposes between its two offices in Miskolc last year with 80 additional bicycles, thus providing an opportunity for our employees to use an environmentally friendly and health-promoting means of transportation. By broadening our bike fleet, we are not only encouraging our employees, but the residents of the city as well to befriend a healthy, green way of transportation.

The goal of the competition was to reward the exemplary measures and initiatives of local governments and workplaces implemented in this field in 2019. Nevertheless, it searched for positive cycling-friendly examples and solutions, and to process and share their experiences as an example to follow, as well as to reward systematic improvements.

At UCC, we believe that an environmentally conscious mindset can be incorporated into everyday life not only during seasonal challenges and transitional periods but through continuous efforts as well. With the dedication of our colleagues and the enthusiasm for our environment, we are confident in being able to contribute to the common good, just as we have had the opportunity to demonstrate on multiple occasions. After preparation and maintenance during the winter season, the UCC cycling program will launch in the spring.