UCC wins the Ethics Award on the Business Ethics tender

Recognition in the Business Industry

The Business Ethics Award has played a prominent role in the recognition of ethically operating companies in Hungary since 2000. The prize is only handed out once, and thus its validity will never expire. This recognition is accompanied by wearing the trademark logo as well as the right to use the emblem. During the span of the last 21 years, numerous parties who have won the award have gained prominence, recognition, and prestige in business. The Business Ethics Award can only be obtained through applying to a tender in the small, medium and large enterprise as well as the multinational company categories. There can be multiple winners in a single category, however, the number of companies who are able to receive the award each year is capped at 10. This year, 37 company executives took part in the jury’s work, and in the Medium Enterprise category, four companies have managed to win the award, including UCC. Following the award ceremony, 114 domestically registered companies can now wear the “Business Ethics” label.

In Hungary, the recognition of the “business ethics company” is given to companies whose responsible mindset is realized through their practices. This pertains to taking measures in making a company responsible for its employees, business partners, ensuring the well-being of its closer and broader environment, the sustainable development of society, and the improvement of equal opportunities. Its actions are driven by taking care and taking into account the interests and well-being of others. It also places a significant emphasis on serving global goals of sustainability to preserve its environment.

The Attitude of ur leaders towards our employees

At United Call Centers, we participate in business with ethical and responsible conduct. Although this award directly honors our company, we have achieved recognition together with our employees, partners, family members, and customers. We place substantial emphasis on the continuous motivation, development, and improvement of our employees' satisfaction. The ethical guidelines our leaders represent are based on respecting human values, practicing non-discrimination, and most importantly helping, accepting, and supporting each other. It is common practice for us to equip our employees with continuous feedback. In all personal and employment matters, we act responsibly with business integrity in mind. In the case of employee remuneration, we follow the principles of fairness and justice, i.e. which correlates with individual efforts and industry standards. Our goal is to establish and nurture a long-term, strategic-partnership relationship with our clients, during which our dedicated employees act as an integral part of the client company. We develop given projects in a short period of time, flexibly adapting and fully customizing them according to the ideas and expectations of our Partner. We personally discuss the potential issues and their circumventions with the representatives of our partners, which strengthens our relationship with effective and efficient solutions. We only undertake assignments that create value for our customers.

Giving Back to Our Community and Supporting Our Environment

At UCC, we aim to take responsibility for others and to support various advocacies and initiatives to the best of our ability. We pay special attention to volunteering. We hold dear the importance of blood donation, that is why we are always delighted to contribute towards the work of the Hungarian Red Cross. With the help of our colleagues, we have set up a toll-free UCC Fairytale Line on the phone number of +36 80 442 996 where we can deliver fairytales to children as part of the Christmas season. Adhering to this notion, we developed our chatbot called E-tale. The project presents an interactive story to support the entertainment and moral development of young children. For years, we have been paying special attention to the employment of people with physical and mental disabilities. Our goal is to mitigate the burden of parents who work for us while keeping their children safe. Holidays and, at the same time, family life outside work conveys an important meaning to us, that is why we try to treat these areas with equal respect. Bearing the environmentally-conscious mindset in mind and prioritizing the needs of our employees, we broadened the inventory of our offices in Miskolc with 80 new bicycles last year. These allow our employees to travel more flexibly, practical and green manner while being cost-effective at the same time. As a result of the plastic-free July initiative, we contributed to the reduction of plastic waste in a playful, interactive way this year again. The recycling bins has become a fixture in all our offices. In addition, it is no secret that we intend to be able to operate as a “paperless company” from 2021.

The Award Ceremony as We Have Seen It

Compared to previous years, the award ceremony took place in an unusual manner this year. At the invitation of Mária Demcsák and Ervin László (the founders of the award), Richárd Kozma, the CEO of UCC, accepted the award online. The award ceremony was made accessible to the general public on 26 November via live video. Extending his gratitude for the award, Richárd Kozma shared the following thoughts:

„We thank our owners, employees, customers, and business partners for supporting us in our endeavors. Thanks to our cohesion, we can proudly wear the title of “Business Ethics” together with our community.”