REbot – Interactive Sustainability Program by United Call Centers

Smart Today, Green Tomorrow

From this July, make environmental consciousness your way of life! Let's collect the most waste and produce the least, to set an example! REbot helps you to take the first steps.

REbot is an interactive gamification software developed by United Call Centers, whose main inspiration was the Plastic Free July movement, founded by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, which started as a local initiative in 2011, has more than 250 million participants in 2020, and reduced humanity’s environmental footprint with 825 million kilograms of plastic waste in the last year.

The chatbot-driven sustainability program used to be a great success as an in-house corporate challenge. This gave us the idea to make it available to everyone this year and to raise awareness of the need for sustainability and active environmental protection as widely as possible in a gamified way.

Why is this topic important?

At least half of the plastics used globally end up as litter after a few minutes of use, but we share the same planet for hundreds of years. There is pollution all over the Planet, the problem reached the depth of the oceans, so it is crucial to find new solutions even more broadly to replace the plastic bags and bottles in use, to reduce the amount of litter we create, and to lead by example.

REbot’s main goal is to encourage participants to lead an environmentally conscious way of life. Let's collect the most waste and produce the least, and set an example all over the world! In addition, we want our gamification software to be the foundation of a continuously evolving sustainability platform that will regularly provide new challenges and activities in the future.

How REbot work?

The participants of the challenge can select daily challenges which can be done in seconds, such as ecofriendly shopping, replacing plastic bags, and they can recommend packaging-free groceries too. Those who want more serious tasks can start voluntary litter collection, or even share the coordinates of illegal waste dumps in the REbot Litter Locator. We score the completion of tasks based on the difficulty level, and regularly share the results. The first among the first will be the one who creates the least amount of waste and produces the most.

What’s the Prize?

A cleaner environment, the awareness that today we still did something for a planet borrowed from our children. All participants of REbot wins, as it’s always a small victory to do anything for our environment and to set a good example. Let’s be environmentally conscious even if there is no material reward for it! Today, tomorrow, and the next day.

REbot is available on our related website and on Facebook!

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