“It’s Probably the Most Accessible Sport in the World”

UCC’s Third Half, Part 3

UEFA EURO 2020 is already in the finish line this week, as from Tuesday evening the semi-finals will follow with the participation of Italy and Spain, as well as England and Denmark. In the third part of the related mini-series, it’s Sheree from South Africa and Adam from Hungary who share their thoughts with us on football.

What do you love in football, what gives its beauty?

Sheree: It's probably the most accessible sport in the world.  You don't even need the proper equipment. You can play barefoot at the beach, with a volleyball, and have your goalposts be two trees.
Ádám: I appreciate the work invested in, the nice, technical playing, and the way the game connects people as well.

How do you cheer?

Sheree: VUVUZELA!! South African soccer fans are loud and colorful!
Ádám: With friends or family, at home or in the city.

Which domestic club do you support?

Sheree: Orlando Pirates.
Ádám: I don’t follow domestic football.

Which is your favorite international club?

Sheree: Liverpool, YNWA!
Ádám: Borussia Dortmund.

Who is your favorite player from football history and why?

Sheree: Steven Gerrard - He always gave it his all.  He had a tendency to drag his teammates along with him to achieve great things.
Ádám: Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé.

If United Call Centers was a football team, what would be your position?

Sheree: I would be on the bench... Eagerly waiting to be called on and tackle the big projects! Haha! I'd be the target forward, picking up loose balls and creating opportunities.
Ádám: Attacking striker.

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