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Maximum Customer Experience in Case of Extreme Contact Volume Fluctuations

With spring approaching, the topic is more than topical, so today's case study looks at a collaboration that is unique in many ways. Keywords: extreme differences between quiet and peak periods, the need for a consistently professional service, the team needed to deliver it, and the contradictions between seasonal operation, shared model, and on-demand services. Get ready for a deeper dive!


  • What does a business gain when it chooses to outsource?
  • Why is it difficult to set up your own customer service team in an area where the number of contacts fluctuates not only seasonally, but also on a daily basis during the active period?
  • What is a win-win-win situation?
  • What specific knowledge and skills are required to provide the maximum customer experience for visitors to an entertainment venue?
  • What is the most obvious sign of success in such a campaign?
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