Business Ethics Awards – This Year’s Winners Announced


The Business Ethics Award, which is presented for the 22nd time this year, is given every year to Hungarian companies that set an example to their customers and, more broadly, to all stakeholders in the business community by acting responsibly, thinking responsibly, and acting in harmony with the interests of people, the environment and society.

On 25 November, a total of ten companies in four categories received the one-off award.

Small Business category: Ferling Ltd., Bárczy Environmental Lfd., Recobin Ltd., SunnySystem Llc.

Medium Enterprise category: GET Ltd., Kresz & Fiedler Ltd.

Large Enterprise category: Karsai Holding Plc., PLAN Plc.

Multinational Corporations category: Michelin Hungária Ltd., Cloud Network Technology Ltd.

As one of last year's winners in the medium enterprise category, we were also involved in the judging process this year. Richárd Kozma, Managing Director of United Call Centers, said:

"It took a lot of time but it was a very nice task to evaluate conscientiously, as we had to read the tenders of nearly 40 companies. Beside our daily tasks, it was challenging a bit, as we, a BPO contact center have no any off-seasons even at Christmas time, not to mention the end of autumn. Yet we were delighted to accept the invitation, as it gave us the opportunity to learn a lot of ideas and concepts that serve as inspiration for us too. An award like this is not just a recognition; it must be able to be served, not only before we win it, but perhaps even more so afterwards. Congratulations to this year's winners, and of course to those who did not make it into the top ten this time, as we have seen a lot of inspiring ideas in all the entries." 

You can read an in-depth report on the awards ceremony and this year's winners in Hungarian on the website of PP Conference!