Working as a Parent in the BPO Sector

Opportunities, motivations, contexts

In nearly two-thirds of the world's countries - 125 in total - Mother's Day is celebrated in May, and this year it coincides with International Workers' Day - also known as Labour Day in some regions - in many countries. This is an excellent opportunity to examine the impact of motherhood, and parenthood in general, on work and vice versa. What are the possibilities for single mothers with young children in the business services sector? How can we position ourselves as both parents and workers? How does flexibility in an employer create loyalty? How do our personality traits and motivations change as we have children, and do we acquire new soft skills? How does this affect the daily life of an international BPO contact center business, and the customer experience delivered? In today's case study, with the input of both managers and operators from United Call Centers, we seek to answer questions like these.

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