United Call Centers Tells a Tale – Now in Online Audiobook!


As a family-friendly workplace, it's important for us to make the winter holiday season brighter for kids and adults alike, even if it means just adding a few minutes of cheer and happiness to everyday life. That's why at the end of 2019 we launched United Call Centers' free-to-call "The Call Center Tells a Tale" service.

Stories are important for children of all ages, as research shows that children who regularly hear stories from their parents have a much richer vocabulary. This helps them to learn to enjoy reading and to do better in school later on. And anyone who has read a story to their child before bedtime will agree that there are few other quality pastimes for children and parents alike. That's why we've set up a toll-free phone-a-story line with the help of our team, so that children who, for whatever reason, can't be read to by their parents on winter evenings, don't miss out on a story. We've collected a collection of beautiful, educational stories that have been available for two years now, performed by UCC staff at any time. If you want to call our phone-a-story line for more tales in English or Hungarian, please dial +36-80-442-996!

This year, for those who are unable to use the telephone service for whatever reason, we will also be sharing some of the stories in the form of an online audiobook. We hope that many of you will find it a nice accompaniment to the festive season or after a family gathering when the little ones are getting ready for bed.

Aesop’s fable "The Owl and the Grasshopper” is told by Amirah Gazallah

Illustrations by Petra Hahn

For more tales, call the United Call Centers' toll-free phone-a-story line: +36-80-442-996