United Call Centers joined this year’s Swimathon DRY campaign with an international team

In the Swimathon 2021 DRY campaign, which began on May 20 and lasted until June 19, more than 200 volunteer “ambassadors” undertook to walk, hike, run, or ride bicycles much more frequently than usual, freeing themselves from quarantine, home office, and confinement, to engage in rowing, swimming, or any other sport, choosing a “human-driven” form of movement to fulfill an individual challenge, thereby drawing attention to several beneficial initiatives.

Besides well-known Hungarian personalities such as comedian Gergely Litkai, blogger Réka Nagy, actors Attila Epres and Tibor Mertz, Olympic swimmer Nikolett Szepesi and Szabina Borók, popular presenter at Dikh Tv, and healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers and other workplace communities, United Call Centers is also among this year’s ambassadors - with an international team as befits an international company.

Health, social, educational, environmental and community development programs can be implemented from the donations of the four-week campaign organized by the Ferencváros Community Foundation. Although the Swimathon fundraising campaign - which has now become a tradition in Hungary too – this time was not organized as a large swimming pool event due to the pandemic situation, the four-week campaign still started with great momentum.

Once the requested amount of contribution is raised, a number of beneficial initiatives can be implemented: mental health support for healthcare professionals working with Covid patients, and a hospital garden can be given to bone marrow-transplanted children and their families to help them recover. A school program could be launched to help emotional development of children, while another project could offer free summer programs to children from disadvantaged families, and they could be looking forward to a movement development camp for pre-schoolers.

Balázs Kopcsó, Head of Business Development at United Call Centers, spoke about the initiative and the participation of the UCC team:

“United Call Centers has always had a strong tradition of social responsibility and supporting charitable initiatives. The health sector and health workers who are performing beyond their strength during the epidemic are particularly affected in this area. If we can express our gratitude and sympathy by doing some sports for our own health and drawing some attention to charitable initiatives, we are doing good for ourselves and others alike.

This is also an excellent challenge for me personally, as over the past year and a half, the home office and recurring curfews have reduced our ability to move regularly in many ways. Swimming is the closest to me, which was not possible for a long time, so Swimathon Dry is also a good motivation to bring back sports to my everyday life again. I started warming up last week, and since then I’ve been on several kilometers of intense exercise a day, and much of it is yet to come.”

More info about Swimathon https://2021.swimathon.hu/ You can read about the supportable charity actions here, the introductions of the ambassadors can be seen here. Check Facebook event here!

If you can support the United Call Centers team - and through us the Faceless Heroes campaign organized by MedSpot Foundation, you can make a donation at the following link: https://2021.swimathon.hu/swimmer/ucc-csapata/